mopeds are invisible?!?!

of course not. that would require all sorts of technology that we dont have. it would be cool though.

Athens: its a small town in north georgia, about an hour from atlanta. there are some pretty sweet rides to be had, unfortunately there are alot of hills and blind corners, not to mention the increasingly annoying drunk sorority girl in mustang population. for the most part though, it rules.

on tuesday, may 27th, at about 11 am, i decided it was time to go get some coffee. so i hopped on my moby said hi to the neighbor with the bike shop and happily rode off towards downtown. i have always ridden with a "they're all trying to kill you attitude", and i try to be as safe as possible, but what the fuck. i'm coming around a corner and there is this fucking garbage truck who all of a sudden decides he wants to cut the same corner on my side of the road. nothing i could do. it was either run into him head on, or take a dive. of course, i chose the latter. i escaped with a scraped up hand and arm, two sore wrists, and a fucked up pair of jeans. my moby got away okay too, for the most part. fucked up the crank arm so its scraping against the variator, somehow ripped off the front brake cable completely (i have no idea how), bent up the front fender, and scraped up my ninja g2 exhaust. pissed.

i guess the whole point of this is, no matter how safe you are, there is always some douchebag in a garbage truck that wants to see you dead. be careful, for serious.


Re: mopeds are invisible?!?!

You should have logged the licence plate in memory to report and sue for damages, make them pay the hard way.

Re: mopeds are invisible?!?!

I want to mount a camera on my moped so i can get evidence for the cops next time some dumb shit wearing a welding mask/ blast shield in combination with the sensory deprivation gloves wants to drift off to la-la land while not minding which lane the luxury car/SUV is in. MY bike lane NOT YOURS stupid drivers. should be legal for me to shatter a turn signal if they're not gonna use it, same with rear view assemblies. a broken piece of car is cheaper than a broken piece of people. they should thank me for the wake up call.

Re: mopeds are invisible?!?!

i got the plate, so did about four witnesses. i was so pissed that i never called the cops though. unfortunately, i think my window of opportunity might be closed on that.

Re: mopeds are invisible?!?!

Almost the same thing happened to me several years ago, while riding my Ninja up in the mountains. There were a lot of very tight curves, where you couldn't see very far ahead of you, I was in the inside lane, going up the mountain, when all of a sudden a huge motorhome appeared right in front of me, in my lane. There was no room to go around him on the mountain side, so I swerved over into the opposite lane, missing him by a few inches. I crossed the opposite lane, and got off in the gravel, at the top of a 300' cliff. I low sided in the gravel, just inches from the cliff. I was not injured, the fairing and the exhaust on the left side of the bike had a few scratches. I layed there shaking for a minute or so, then got really mad, got up, got back on the bike, and headed after this idiot. I caught up to him, and followed him the rest of the way down the mountain, blowing my horn the whole way. He never slowed down. When the road finally straightened out enough to pass, I went flying by him, still blowing the horn. I got a couple of miles ahead of him, pulled over and parked, got off the bike, and stood beside the road. I flipped him off as he passed, and he never even looked at me. I guess I probably should have followed him a while longer, but didn't, I just got back on my bike and rode off. Peace. Jerry.

Re: mopeds are invisible?!?!

Speaking of fucked up drivers...

Me and my girl were driving on a relatively full street yesterday around lunch time and there's someone in a yellow Scooby van weaving left and right in between lanes and we're thinking "wtf!". So, he goes on the highway ram with us still swerving left and right and doing only about 55mph. We finally break free and change lanes and pull up next to him, what do we see? Some late 50ish early 60ish dude rolling a freakin joint and trying to drive with his elbows...I peeped him just as he was licking them wrapping the ziggies. Needless to say my girl changed lanes pronto, driving while high isn't a HUGE deal (the great majority of accidents while intoxicated is alcohol) but shit...he could park then roll the joint instead of doing it on the damn highway. sheesh

Re: mopeds are invisible?!?!

haha yea driving while high is ok (generally, I take no responsibility for anyone else so don't go tryin it yourself), but driving while trying to operate drug paraphernalia is not ok.

and as for the main topic here that is how like 99% of the motorcycle/moped accidents I hear about happen it's insane how dumb people are. My friends dad got swiped by a car that way last year on a big honking bmw motorcycle, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT SEE THAT!!?

Re: mopeds are invisible?!?!

Easy, selective sight. Just don't look at it.

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