Puchs maxi twins - 10 #s off

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

So last night my buddy went and got this Puch Maxi MKII. He brought it home, and it is exactly the same as mine. I checked out the year, and it's a 1978 (same as mine), and they were both built in December. Well, I thought that was cool enough, but then I checked the numbers in the frames, and they're 10 numbers apart. One ends in 81, the other in 91.

Now we have to find the 9 inbetween. We have a sickness...

Re: Puchs maxi twins - 10 #s off

Wow! I love stupid stuff like that, for some reason it means something special to people like us!

Re: Puchs maxi twins - 10 #s off

yea wade and my newport l's are something like 100 apart, that was pretty cool.

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