moped'n in connecticut

thanks to moebobbie for the 50cc fun run it was great

just wanted to share a photo

the moped gang


pic is

1978 kreidler mp9


1977 kromag pinto jc penny style!!


Re: moped'n in connecticut

hey i'm from ct too. nice to see ther are other people areound me that moped. I'm the only one in my town, Southury,

Re: moped'n in connecticut

I hail from Waterbury,Plenty of peds starting to show up now with gas prices so insane.I see about twice as many as I did last year around this time..Fishwish

Re: moped'n in connecticut

Hey Jay, it was good to meet you and Brady. Email me anytime ya'll are planning to hit the road. You're not too far from me.


Re: moped'n in connecticut

Thanks Jay,

You & Brady are 2 very cool youngsters. We look forward to riding with you again soon.

Here's the group at the lunch stop. Great bunch of people.



Re: moped'n in connecticut


Get in touch if you get down in the Mystic area, come roll with the Merry Cranksters.


Re: moped'n in connecticut

Yeah Ive been seein a bunch of mopeds here in Enfield

Someone set off his airhorn on rt5 today.

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