O/T New Mexico Peoples

I think im gonna pack up and leave the east for beautiful new Mexico, probably Albuquerque since I want to live in a city about the size of the one im in right now. All you New Mexico people tell me the good the bad and all tips you may have

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no more STDs????

whens the rally dude??

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the Landis /

The other 2 flaked, yeah thanks for the smart ass shit, I just want to find out about NM. Can you help? if not then fuck you, if you can then i appreciate it

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the Landis /

come on new mexicans help me out

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i went there for spring break to visit my friend.

it's dry. there are a million stores. there's an excellent candy store called the candy lady that sells alsorts in old town. i ate about twelve pounds of licorice in a week.

there are huuuge mountains (the sandias).

it took me awhile to get used to the no trees/dirt/sandstorms thing.

i don't know if i would want to live there (i'm too new england). but it's not a bad place.

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hmmm, Albuquerque is pretty trashy. I lived in Santa Fe for about a year and definitely did not enjoy it. there were lots of unhappy people.

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the Landis /

thats the kind of input i want, Im juggling two different options

North Carolina vs. New mexico right now im kinda starting to lean north carolina

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I've Lived in Santa Fe a long time now. I don't make it to ABQ as much as I'd like, but I think I saw some posts from some guys calling themselves the "Members Only" moped crew.

Mopeds are rare. Rare, Like, they almost don't exist. I've got a couple of people psyched on the idea... but they haven't found a bike yet.


Some of the best fucking sunsets ever. A lot of people say they live here because of them.

Great weather (long spring and fall make for sweet summers)

AWESOME food (I've missed green chile soooo much when I've been gone more than a month)

Lots of local culture (which is pretty bizarre during fiestas, we burn a 60ft. tall efigy named Zozobra, for real)

Not too hard to find work if you do restaurant stuff


THE TOURISTS (comprised of vacationing grandparents mostly - nothing against Gramps, but you try being 23 and living in a retirement community)

No good bars (not really anyway)

City / Social Politics (The social scene here is SMALL. Six months here and you'll know everyone)

Don't get me wrong, I love it here, just being honest.

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