Just got 2 new bikes today!

I just picked up 2 new bikes today, and both have titles, which is rare as hell where in WISCO. I got an almost perfect fa50 suz, which is fucking awesome because I have a parts fa50. For some reason the back turn signals were removed. I have extry's though, so all is good, other than that, perfect. 2100 miles on a red 81! I also picked up a grey puch maxi with the 2hp engine. It is in pretty rough shape, but I have high hopes. Seems like the engine is seized, we'll see in the mernin. 350 for the zuki and 75 for the puch. I m very pleased.

Re: Just got 2 new bikes today!

titles are golden. congratulations!

Re: Just got 2 new bikes today!

Awesome score!

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