front farings....

Well i have come to the final stretch in my tomos project........the lighting....I have the rear all ready figured out but i am i stuck on the front end. i dont want to use the stock faring i want to do soemthing different somethign fun. but i dont really know wat kinda of material i should be looking to use. or where to start even. I wanted to buy one of the ones off of mopedware house that had like the mini windshield on it but they stopped selling it. So does any one have any helpfull tips?

Re: front farings....

I've been thinking about have some of the tomos fairings made in a stamped steel. I would have to have several sets made. I would proably have them all primed and sell the extras like that.

I think the fairing you are talking about is for a puch.

You should be able to find one somewhere.

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