2003 Jialing NP50t-m moped

My son has a 2003 Jialing NP50T-M moped that he bought new a few years ago. Up until this time he has not been able to get a title for it so legally we can't ride it. I am wondering if anyone out their has run into the same situation and could help me with some advice on how I could get a license for this bike in Wisconsin. Thank you in advance for any help in this area.

Re: 2003 Jialing NP50t-m moped

I believe a Jialing NP50t-m is a noped, not a moped. Does it have pedals? I had a Jialing NP50 Passport clone that I had no problem registering. I believe it was an '05 or '06 model. To register it, you will need a certificate of origin, which should have come with it. Mine had a sticker right on it that said it complied with all current U.S. DOT and EPA regulations, although I doubt it really did. Do you know if it came from a company called RC Motorsports, or if a guy named Sigfrid had anything to do with it? I sold mine, but there are still people here who have them. Peace. Jerry.

Re: 2003 Jialing NP50t-m moped

Hi Jerry,

Thanx for taking the time to reply. The problem we had was their was no letter of origin. I believe this bike came in from Canada. When my son took it to the MVD they told him this bike was not legal in WI. My son Matt, who is the owner of this bike , is currently serving a mission in Brazil.We are able to e-mail him every Wed. so I will see if I can find out more info next week. My next question, which I feel a bit foolish to ask, what is the gas/oil ratio that I put into the gas tank.

Thanx again!


Re: 2003 Jialing NP50t-m moped

i rode a year completely illegally but i know the cops all 2 off them live right next door and simple told them it was legal and they never doubted me (nice thing about being a nerd at 15 people trust u)

Re: 2003 Jialing NP50t-m moped

That bike is a 4-stroke, so it takes straight gas, no mixing. The engine is a copy of the Honda engine used on the Supercub, the C100, C70 Passport, and lots of other bikes.

There's a forum for these bikes, it's pretty dead, but there's lots of information:


Also, I think there's a service manual for that bike in the moped repair section of mopedriders.org.

It doesn't legally qualify as a moped because it has a manual clutch and four (or maybe three?) speed transmission. I used to have a very similar bike and was able to register it as a moped in Michigan anyway, but it may be more difficult to bend the rules in Wisconsin, I don't know.

Those are nice bikes, good luck!

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