How hardcore are you?

What's the worst thing that has ever happened to you on a ped, and for fun, where were you going to when it happened?

I've only had two measly experiences that come even close to being hardcore, I've been completely soaked twice. Once was on the way back from the failed organizational meeting for starting a Jacksonville Moped Club, the other time was on the way to work.

I laid a Ninja that I was borrowing from a friend down one time while I was going about 45-50 because a woman pulled out in front of me. In the split second it happened, I saw that she had kids in the car, so I went into the ditch rather than hit her. (Amazingly no major injuries) Another time I went over the handle bars and hit the ground at 35 on a motorized bicycle, because the front wheel went out. (Bruised ribs, concussion, and chipped tooth)

Re: How hardcore are you?

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hmmmm would have to be the time THIS happened to me

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Re: How hardcore are you?

I rode my bravo and peugeot 103 from east cupertino up and over highways 92, 84, 35, and 1 to go kick it and go fishing in half moon bay. On one trip, i was riding the peugeot up foothill, behind stanford, santa cruz avenue to alpine road to skyline to 92 to 1, and it was a beach day. Traffic was locked up for cars going over the mountains to the beach, and using a moped in this situation is like a hot knife through butter, easy, baby! Except for a red convertable mustang full of teenage douchebags that threw jack in the box garbage at me. There was a girl with her broken jetta, i put my 103 on the kickstand and went to help her push it to the side and try to figure it out, and the bike fell over. i may have messed up by leaving it within arms reach of the mustang douches, or maybe i used the kickstand on bad ground.? But i go play hockey on my friends 360 and the sun starts going down (this means the trip is darker and colder already). So i head out, and traffic isn't so bad on 92 goin back, so i ride up it. No sooner do i get out of half moon bay, past the spanish town shops and the Xmas tree farm, does some asshole in a big silver SUV actually not give me enough room, and hits my left handlebar, sending me DOWN THE F%@*ING MOUNTAINSIDE !!! I get ultra lucky and my pedal catches in a sturdy part of a bush about fifteen feet down, and i hang on by my bike, and carefully climb over my peugeot and then pull it up to the road. I lost most of my tank and had to pedal the poor thing till i could coast, and at el camino had to settle for about a dollar worth of raw gas just to get me to a location that had 2 stroke oil. Wicked little frenchie still wont die, but that trip was the last straw for the tank, its cracked wide open and rusty, awaiting transplant to the new frame i got. PS fuck SUV's and the people that want them so bad. Oh and fuck people that don't put themselves in uncomfortable situations once in a while. Lazy incompetent yet content posers. TRY SOMETHING YOU DONT LIKE- IT MAKES THINGS YOU DO LIKE SO MUCH BETTER. ANDY

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