cable Qs.

so i needed a rear brake cable and got one today... i think...

it's actually a clutch cable... it says so right on the bag... but i kept asking "i need a brake cable, is this a brake cable? i can use this as a brake cable..." and so i'm assuming he understood i needed a brake cable.

can i use it as a brake cable? i noticed the brake cables i have originally have other hardware on them...

dunno if i should buy bonified BRAKE cables and return this, or give it a go.

Re: cable Qs.

Prof. Monkey-For-A-Head /

I once paid $15 at a moped shop for a throttle cable. FUCK OEM. Bell brand Brake and Gear Cable Set at Walmart, 5 bucks! You get four extra long cables, end crimp caps and housing ferrules. Just use the end hardware from your old stuff and solder it onto the new cables.

cable Qs.

Emily is it a scooter clutch cable? If so, then that will work for sure. It won't be a straight bolt on, and you might have to do some dremeling and then use a pinch bolt, but it will work.

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yeah it's a scooter clutch. got it at ptown.

where can i get pinch bolts? just a hardware store?

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When I used bicycle cables, they stretched and and I had to swap them with real moped cables. But the difference between a clutch and brake cable isn't much except the end.

Re: cable Qs.


Also a tool made by Park & also Wrench Force is called a "cable stretcher" and works miracles for taking the slack out

. The Wrench Force version cost me about $12.50. Others are about $25.


Re: cable Qs.

Some hardware stores. Or Ptown.

Re: cable Qs.

yeah I bought that exact $5 bell cable pack at Walmart. on recommendations from on here. and it is not working well for the throttle cable I needed to replace. I've been through both the long cables. and they do the same. even if I super grease up the inside it still wont hold proper idle because it is not moving well enough. its either stalling or half speed. and I can change the throttle just by moving the cable. so It may depend on the bike for these to work.

Re: cable Qs.

i used to work in a bike shop, and as part of a bike sale we would include a return tune-up. part of the tune-up would be readjusting the brake cables.

bike cable are meant to stretch, but generally only need one or two readjustments, then are fine for the rest or their lives.

less money FTW

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