Cupertino Riding TONITE!

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Hey, so yea we are going to ride tonite, at like 9. We don't know where we are meeting or riding to or anything, but I think most, if not all of us will be out in force.

If you have Justin's number, call him. If you don't, email me and I'll call you, but I'm in class till 8, so if that doesn't work go on craigslist and try to find Justin's moped repair ad and call him up.

Maybe we will go to SJ, or Mountain View, or Palo ALto, or Los Gatos, or Campbell or somewhere else. Everyone is welcome to join.

Re: Cupertino Riding TONITE!

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

ARE YOU SURE??? ill come if theres a real plan this time!

Re: Cupertino Riding TONITE!

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Yes, it is happening. The exact departure isn't 100% set, but it will happen. I've got like 7 or 8 or more confirmed peeps. Call Justin!

Re: Cupertino Riding TONITE!

yes, sure


hit me up, yo.

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