1977 Sparta Buddy

Who is going to help me find carb parts or a new carb or tell me what a good substitution is? :)

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

Here's some info I found on the Buddy-

It's a Sachs engine, so that's a good start. But which Sachs is it? I just dunno...


This is interesting.. there was a safety recall on your bike. Seems Mr Sparta was cockeyed and put the kill switch oin the wrong side -


The road, once again, leads to BJ at Handybikes -


Good looking bike!


Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

Here's some info i know....ME!

Im in mass, if its a foxi or a sparta i can fix it.

I have about 3 carbs rolling around in my car.

Lets ride.

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

How can I get ahold of one of those carbs. My problem is that the valve is totally saturated and when cleaned will float for a few minutes and then it just leaks gas if I don't shut the engine off everytime I stop riding it. Sound like anything you've heard of? Also, if you're ever in the market for hard to find tire sizes (16 x 2.25) I just found a place that always has them in a day or two.

Cyndi Lou.

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

Which valve? Do you mean the float bowl stays filled? Where specificaly is the gas leaking from? You might just need to clean it and replace the gaskets...

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

The gaskets aren't leaking I don't think, it's leaking out of that strange drain hole on the side facing the filter. I assumed it meant that the valve wasn't floating and the gas flow wasn't stopping. I tried cleaning the float, a novice I am. I just half-arse cleaned it because I don't really know what I'm doing. How do you suggest cleaning?

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

pictures of your problem? I have a complete carb I'll sell you for $20 plus shipping if that's indeed your problem.

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

You can either dissasemble it and clean it bit by bit with a can of carb cleaner or get a bucket of parts cleaner (a 1 gallon bucket, aout $20) and let it soak. Make certain that the float moves freely and is seated properly. Check the tip of the float needle , make sure the rubber tip is still on it and in good enough shape to seal off the flow of gas.

What's the carb brand and type?

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

It's a bing carb. 12 is the middle number.

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

still need pictures of what youre talking about. i have the same moped and a spare bing carb if you need it.. but i need some specific pictures of the problem. otherwise i have no idea what youre talking about.

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

will post picture today.

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

handybikes has new carbs for these, the 85/12/104 is the highest performing model.

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

That is what I have!

Re: 1977 Sparta Buddy

I have a 14 Mikuni carb on one of mine and a 15 Mikuni on the other.

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