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My wife had a '63, I had a '65 and we had a '71 Type 1. Liked the '71 well enough I got a type 2 also. Later had a GTI.

The pre-"68 bugs drive and ride like a go cart... the '68-'71 ride more like a go cart on steroids.

My impression is if you are driving it and not investing in it you should stay '68 or later... 12V. I would recommend '68-'71. Our '71 was the standard beetle, they introduced the super in '71 and I think the '72 on were all supers. You can always tell a super beetle, it's the one with the fat, ugly nose.

The reason I like the '71 is that is the last year with the single carburetor. After '71 they went to dual carbys and then injection... then added on all sorts of smog stuff and computers. The '71 is easy and inexpensive to maintain and is very reliable. I found that friends with later stuff had lots of problems which I avoided by staying with the '71.

For my money I would grab the '71 instead of the '72 unless that '72 cost at least 75% less than the '71. You will make up the difference in purchase price quickly in lower maintenance costs on the '71 IMHO.


Re: OT: Beetle Advice

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

72 standard all the way. I han a 66 and a 72. I now have a 75, all standards. The best part of the 72 is the windshield wiper switch is on a stalk off the steering column, that way you can just hit the stalk for a single swipe of the wipers. Can't do that with the dash mounted switch. Also you can keep your hands on the steering wheel and hit the wipers, which you can't do with the 71 dash mounted switch. The standards are a lot easier to lower the front end than the supers. The 72 has 4 sets of louvers on the rear hatch, which look better than the 2 sets on the 71, 4 sets look better. Make sure you get the Robert Bently factory repair manual too, they're more expensive, but well worth it.

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George Smith /

I have an odd ball inbetween 71 and 72 super beetle

The big issue with them is certain parts are regular beetle and certain parts are super, and it's inbetween the two on certain things.

The super beetle will ride better, I love the way mine rides and it cruises up to 50mph without much hammering on the gas and on the original non-rebuilt engine with 86,000 miles on it..

There is stuff that if it gets damaged on the super are a bitch to get, Defrost setup, front hood, and the damn dashboard... I have a dashboard that won't fit. A defroster that wont work cause it wasn't setup for a motor as it is off of a 71 regular beetle. The dashboard I bought doesn't actually work on a super even though it says it does.

The suspension of the super kicks ass...mine rides much smoother than a regular beetle..

I like mine and I bought it like it is for 500 cash because it had sat in a carport since 85... in 07, I only redid the brakes and greased everything else and changed all oils and all and it was on the road. I drive it more than 30 miles a day...

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Here's a peek of a Super Beetle that has been nothing less than Super. It was in the background of my son's recent photo of his pull from a dumpster.

When I bought the 74 in 82 it was always hanging on the back of a tow truck. I knew all the AAA tow truck drivers in San Mateo Co. by their first name. After $5000 in repairs, all the kinks were worked out. It helped to find a reputable mechanic, not use the dealership and let a man take the car in for service and repairs.

It was a daily driver until 99. It has over 400k miles on the car. I think we have rebuilt the engines a couple of times. Its driven to Mexico once or twice. It is proudly retired, given it's service up and beyond what I expected, only expected to come out for special occasions or trips to Santa Cruz. It recently picked up the kids from school one sunny day last month. These are not like the cars manufactured today. They were built to last!

My sister had a standard bug, which I drove once or twice. I prefer the feel of the super. The conv frame I think is even bigger and feels more comfortable to ride in and drive.

Looking at your photos, I think I would choose the gray bug because I am partial to the Supers. Either way you'll have fun.

Re: OT: Beetle Advice

Let's try that photo again.

Re: OT: Beetle Advice

Re: OT: Beetle Advice

George Smith /

heh i drove mine today supers drive so nice...

Re: OT: Beetle Advice

Besides checking the floorpan under the mats for rust, check the heater tubes that run under the bottom of the doors. They tend to rot out also. Both engines should have the "doghouse" coolers on the engine fan shroud. If they don't have the "doghouse" coolers on them, someone has changed out the engine.

I can't believe that a VW this old in Ohio is not rotted out from all the salt they use on the roads in the winter.

A un-rotted VW is rare even here in CA where it is dry and they do not use salt.

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Here's my call...not that it matters.

I had a 57 Oval, 69 and 73 Super.

The 69 was my favorite by far.

The Super front end is smoother but a bitch to work on. Mine ALWAYS had a shimmy somewhere between a couple different speeds. I verified this over and over as I drove my friends' super beetles too. In Tampa/ ST Pete there was a huge group of us that would meet up. I also took regular weekend trips to and with the Fisher Buggies crew too. The 68-70 models were rock solid, had the look of the classic beetle with a little umph and you could pop of the plasti-dash and go back down to bare metal vintage. (Man I fuckin hate those squared off plastic dashes on the supers.) The really early models (pre-63ish) are becoming very rare now. In fact I think you should skip both cars and wait for an earlier model.

If all you can find are late models go after something more fun like an early model Honda CVCC or Datsun B210. These will break down almost as much. :) Oh also all beetles rust. Watch the bottoms of the doors and rear side air intakes on late models. These can set you way back on a repaint and will require replacement of the sheet metal or door (skins).

Re: OT: Beetle Advice

George Smith /

heh datsuns pwnt all I got a rust bucket datsun 521 pickup that's engine runs like new....

Re: OT: Beetle Advice

I drove mine today too!

I missed the Northwest Bug Run.


Re: OT: Beetle Advice

1966vw for sale


95% stock and original


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