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I am within two weeks or so of purchasing an old VW Beetle, and it is down to two. Just thought I would seek some wisdom from all of you to help with the decision process.

This one is a 1972 Beetle. It has been repainted, tuned, and has a new battery, distributer, ball joints, carb, brakes, and tires. It has 60,000 miles, and it needs about 2 days of work to make it a daily driver (alignment and odds and ends) Also, it seems to lack rust (a little on one corner, not bad though.)

This one is a 1971 Super Beetle. The body has ZERO rust on it, and the motor has been completely rebuilt. The body has been completely torn down, and needs painted.

They are both within the same price range (the first 200 less). And of course, the second costing more in making it a final product.

Any opinions?

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Dang... Ill have to re-post pictures.



OT: Beetle Advice

The plain Beetle is more desirable than the Super Beetle.

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At the moment, or just in general? Either way I plan on completely restoring the second one if purchased (wont look like that haha).

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John Hannibal Smith /

Ask Deezy i think hes the foremost expert on VWs or am i htinking of somebody else on MA?

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if presented with cars in very simular shape body wise ( and i mean checked out on a lift, all that jazz ) Id always buy the regular beetle.

Supers can be a pain in the ass in terms of the front suspention ( struts ) and the fact that they are prone to tire balance issues.

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In the future, if you were to sell the car, the regular Beetle would hold more value for someone that is in to Beetles. Not knocking the Super Beetle, but they just don't command the respect that the Beetles do. Some models of Super Beetle are really cool like the 74 Sun Bug that I had in high school. Those can bring pretty good money if nicely restored. Most people can't tell the difference between the two but a Beetle owner can. I'm looking at possibly getting another bug after having two and, to be honest, I probably won't even look at a Super Beetle. I think many Beetle owners are the same way. Just something to consider for resale purposes.

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Thank you so much, I actually supposed that the Super Beetle would better retain its value. More advice is welcome :-)

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Стев Браун /

Check the floor pans for rot.

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Both are rot free, the second having NO rust whatsoever.

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Aaron McTaggart /


it should be noted that the photo of the '72 is two years old. if this was me, i'd probably also try and get some interior shots...banking on the fact that the inside of the '71 was in decent shape, that would be my choice.

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exactly as chicago bullz says

I wouldnt buy either unless i ripped the seats out and looked all through the floor pans for rot, and also checked out the fronst susp on the first one real well where it attatches to the frame.

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I saw both of them in person, the 71 had better interior, but the 72 was not bad.

The 72 does not some odds and ends work due to sitting for sure.

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-Unholysmokers - Chad Ferguson /

What is the difference between the regular and super beetle that is so huge? They look nearly identical and the Super Beetles have a whole load of features that seem like logical upgrades.

I have been looking into buying an old Beetle and I have been leaning towards a Super Beetle. I don't consider myself a "Beetle guy" or collector or whatever though, so I don't get it.

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seriously i would get the standard

supers are cool but they are more expensive to find parts

plus the whole thing they dont hold there value as much as standards....

im not sure what your planning on doing with it though but a super beetle, to me, is only better if your trying to do track racing because of the suspension (which costs alot more than a standard at that)

get the standard.....

or shoot for an earlyer pre 67 because those are sick but thats just me

my first second and third cars were all bugs

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seriously if you want to get something easy to work on get the standard the earlyer the easyer

thats what i found out working on my bugs

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I had a 66 bug for about 6 years. Had the cool gas heater upfront. All it ever did was desk down and I spent way too much time working on it. Kinda like my Tomos. And my ciao. And my puch.

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But you mis that Bug, don't you?

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thats funny! i had a 74 sun bug my senior year in high school too! poor thing was smushed in my first semester of college tho... major bummer.

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Thanks so much guys, I have just taken down a lot of info I was unaware of.

Could someone who knows explain what exactly is known to be a problem in the front suspenion (where it is connected to the frame) on the 72 Blue Beetle?

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If you havent purchased on yet.....Run a magnet over the entire body, telltale of bondo is it's not magentic. Also, pull the back seat out and look at the floor pan under the batteries, VW's are notorious for corrosion under them.

Also, with the car being so old try carfax or carfacts to see if there is anything on the car ever having been in awreck.

If either on has ever been in a wreck the front end will have tell tale signs in the trunk space.

You may be lucky in that both have been restored or repaired, but have it checked out by a VW tech to make sure, it wont cost more than 15 or 30.

should you need parts in the future HOTVW is still being put out by paisano publishing, most places dont carry it put it is online and barnes and noble does carry it.

good luck, with either one....my very first was a awhite 1972 bug.......no super's ever. like everyone else said they are more exspensive to buy for and do have their own set of prob's.

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You really should check around online on info about these, and the differences, and the pro's and cons of each.

Super is actully differt - totally dif front end. Struts.

they rot.

the boing out the hood ( in my case LOL )

not so super at all.

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While production of the standard Beetle continued, a Type 1 variant called the Super Beetle, produced from model year 1971 to 1979 (1302s from 1971 to 1972, and 1303s from 1973 onwards), offered MacPherson strut front suspension, better turning radius (despite having a 20 mm (3/4 in) longer wheelbase), and approximately double the usable space in the front luggage compartment, due to the stretched "nose" of the vehicle and relocation of the spare tire from a vertical to a horizontal position.

1972 Super Beetles had a slightly larger rear window, larger front brakes, and four rows of vents on the engine lid. The tail lights now incorporated reversing lights. The front seats incorporated headrests, and the steering wheel was changed to four spokes for safety reasons. A socket for the VW Dealer Diagnosis was fitted inside the engine compartment. In 1973, a padded dashboard, 2-speed heater fan, higher rear mudguards, a more aerodynamically curved windscreen and larger tail lights (nicknamed 'elephant's feet' were added. 1975 and later Super Beetles had rack and pinion steering, and a larger license plate lamp housing below the engine lid. The front indicators were moved into the bumper bars on European models. Carburetors were replaced by Air Flow Control (AFC) Fuel Injection on U. S. and Canadian Beetles, a derivative of the more complex Bosch fuel injection system used in the Volkswagen Type III.

In 1976, the Super Beetle and 1300 were discontinued (though convertibles remained Super Beetles) and replaced with an 'improved' standard Beetle with 1600cc engine, IRS rear suspension, front disc brakes, blinkers in the front bumpers, elephant's foot tail lights and rubber inserts in the bumper bars.

In the pics at the top you can see the poofy hood on the super. Later years 74? and up "featured" a wrap around windshield and a crazy bump in the dashboard for the speedo ( how SUPER! )

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Look uner it and check out the floorboards. That's where they rust the worst, and that can hide easily.

I got a 1961 in pretty good shape, but I still have to go through the whole thing. I'd say brakes too, but you mentioned they were good. Ball joints as well.

I got quite a few parts too, so look me up if you are looking for anything, I may have it.


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I came from the world of bugs to this moped group. I can HONESTLY tell you to STAY AWAY FROM THE FATCHICKS!!!! They are worthless, ugly as all hell and wont sell for anything near what you think its worth. I had a 64 hardtop, 61 Rag, and am working on a 56 oval. ANYTHING before 65 is worth its weight in gold. Parts arnt always cheap, but fabrication becomes a new nessisary skill. If I where you (which im not) save your money and buy something earlier.

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super beetles are all fun and games till your trying to balance the godamn wheels ON the car...

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I have a 71 superbeetle, and I like it. It handles better than a regular beetle. It actually has a trunk that you fit something into. It's also a mystery car that people will look at and tell you to your face, in front of the car that "they never made a flat windshield super" With the 71, from the doors back it's the same as a regular beetle. You posted this on a moped forum, so I know you are up for something different- go for the super.

If you have time check out this book to see how to restore one.

I'd go for the super, I'm baiased.

Urethane cures the superbeetle shimmy, and any older car will run into the same issues.

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I do like the early ones better.

I had a 71 super beetle vert.

I still know where it is come to think of it...


i did have bad front end problems.

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I'v rebuilt 2 volkswagon boxer engines, both of which were bettle engines. go for the rebuilt motor. If its that old, it most likely will have some problems.

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judging from the photos I'd go with the super beetle. Don't sweat the front end. The Super is of a superior design, quieter, smaller turning radius, bigger trunk, and really not any harder to repair than the standard beetle. I was working as a mechanic at a VW dealership when these cars were new and have been repairing them ever since so I have some experience.

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