NY folks - ATV registration?

When I bought my Sachs a couple weeks ago, the transferred registration was an ATV registration. The make was also listed as an abbrevited "MAJ". (It's a Sachs Balboa)

But the VIN lines up with the frame number, etc., etc.

What's the difference (other than my fancy red letters on my plate)? Does it matter?

It was the biggest pain in the ass getting it registered finally because I definitely came on DMV grumpy day. When DMV #1 said no, I simply went to DMV #2 who had no problems. So I didn't want to ask questions, just wanted that coveted plate so I could put it on the road!

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

It's great that you have a plate, but technically your ped is not registered properly in a police officer's eyes.

You are not allowed to drive an ATV on a public street, so it will probably stand out.

And the make being listed as MAJ sounds a bit fishy to me, so I'm sure it will to a cop also.

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

the red lettering on that plate is a dead giveaway to a cop to pull you over. go to the dmv again and explain your predicament to them. hopefully they will fix it for you.

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

Woah, your profile looks like ya got 2 colors of eyes... I have one green one and one blue one myself... must be a music thing. hhehehe

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

Well that blows. I've driven past a few cops and none have noticed/pulled me over.

How would I prove my predicament to the DMV? All the frame numbers/serial plate line up with the registration.

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

And woops, that was me. Was logged in as my roomie!

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

You can try calling the Technical Services dept. and maybe they'll have a suggestion: (518) 474-5282.

Have you received the transferable registration from Albany yet, or do you still just have the non-transferable one?

Is there any inspection required for your ATV registration?

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

whaaaaaat buffalo, ny riders?! thats awesome. didnt know buffalo was cool like that. i go back everynow and then with my gf who also rides.. so look for an email next time we're in town!

whered you find your awesome puch? looks great.

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

They didn't give me any temporary inspection sticker, so I'm guessing no?

I haven't gotten the transferrable reg yet, just the one I got at the dmv. This all just happened a couple days ago, I just thought I was in the clear because I head ANY plate. Didn't realize they issued plates for vehicles that can't actually be on the road, seems counterintuitive!

When the first DMV looked it all up, he alerted me it was ATV, but I said what's the difference, and he never really answered my question so I thought it was fine.

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

Yeah, we totally want to start a chapter here, we don't know ANYONE with mopeds! All our friends want to get them now!

I was accidentally logged in as my roomie, she's got the Puch, it's a 79.

Mine is a Sachs Balboa from 78.

Both were Craigslist finds locally here in Buffalo! I scoped both but went for the Sachs and she went for the Puch.

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

And yet another classic NYSDMV screw-up. There's a big difference bewteen an ATV and a class C moped. You'll have to decide whether you want to take a chance and ride around on an improperly registered vehicle, or go back to the DMV that issued the plates and try to get it straightened out.

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

Well, I think my problem is going to be that the transferred reg was ATV, so they simply also gave me ATV plates. So it seems it's always been that way, but I know the little old man was riding it in the street... This seems like it's probably going to be annoyingly hard to get corrected, esp. since the reg says MAJ for make instead of SACHS.

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

liz, if the dmv accepted your registration than that means it was already a transferable registration. that means that the registration you have is valid proof of ownership already. ride your bike to the dmv and explain to them the mixup, have them come outside and inspect the frame VIN number if they dont believe you. should be a simple change in the computer database and they will issue you a new plate.

when I registered my derbi recently they accidently registered it as a motorcycle "mcy" instead of a moped "mopd" on the registration. I went back and they changed it very easily and gave me a new registration. give it a shot.

Re: NY folks - ATV registration?

I'm in Buffalo too. I tried to start a chapter here a few years back but only had one friend with a Ped and she has since sold it (and didn't even give me the chance to buy it!!)

People in bflo are very anti-ped. or is that everywhere??

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