registration NSU Quickly

Hi all together,

first nice greetings from "overseas".

I'm a German engineer here in Michigan who has just finished to complete my restored NSU Quickly S23, MY. 1965 which I brought over in my luggage (by plain).

As I'm not familiar with the registration here in Michigan

I need the help of you:

- Basically, what did I need to registrate/to make the baby

here legal in the USA?

- Where can I get documents/papers for it?

- Can someone provide me with an English copy (PDF)

of NSU Quickly vehicle documents?

- Must I make some modification for the USA

(I have no brake light, 2 gear, mirrors and horn are missing)

- Can I travel with the baby to Canada (Niagara Falls)?

I know, lot's of question but hopefully some can help.


Herman the German

Re: registration NSU Quickly

Hi, and welcome to the USA !

Here's the Michigan DMV page -,1607,7-127-1585_1587_1670_47674-175972--,00.html

I assume that if you already have the title/registration from Germany they should be able to issue you the appropriate state documents, but it's government so who knows?

Driving your Quickly to Niagara Falls is total madness. Take pictures and video when you do it. I'd like to drive my Honda Cub from Key West to Alaska some day, which is far more foolish.

As far as crossing the border with the bike, I don't think that would be a problem with A U.S. license, title, registration, etc.. provided your visa allows you to leave and re-enter the U.S. That might be a bigger concern.

Since they'll probably want to look at the bike at the DMV, and since it's just a good idea, get some mirrors and a horn on the bike, regardless of whether or not your model was made with them. On the other hand, the people at the DMV won't have the remotest idea of what they're looking at. That can make things easier or harder.

I did a quick search for NSU parts, but didn't see any sources in the US. This one is in the UK -

There are a few people here from Michigan, hopefully they'll offer somewhat better advice :)

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