on the pavement.

thats right creatures and others... i bit it on my way home after the ride. 3 blocks from my house.

gravel? maybe...

alcohol? maybe...

godzilla? definitely.

the left side of my body is in pain, bleeding, and missing skin.

good times indeed.



i dont know. lesson learned, i hope. they have been repaving and tearing up valencia FOREVER, and i wasnt thinking about it (thats where the alcohol comes in, plus adrenaline from the ride) and i slid out... probably a good 20 ft.

think the bikes alright, might need a new fork and headlight.




Re: sliding...


i got an ugly load of road rash from a hit and run a week ago.

wait till u scab up and let the fun begin.

anyone know of good shit to reduce scarring? i hear mederma is the business.

Re: sliding...

bummer man.

we still gotta race.

fuck valencia.

Re: sliding...

japanese folks have this little jar full of a very fatty oil. turns out its from bears. it's amazing at curing scars!

i'll try to take some photos of the little jar later, if you have a japanese friend they can read it to you or tell you where to get it. its super expensive too. like $50 for 1.5 ounces.

Re: sliding...

Vitamin E or Teatree oil work wonders as well. Just dilute the teatree oil first...its really strong.

Kuro Neko Neko

Re: sliding...

yeah, valencia is usually just annoying on my bike... now, it really annoys the left side of my body.

we can race soon... but right now, i hurt....

and just last week, i fell on my bike, on my right side... similar scrapes and bruises, only not as bad (20mph vs 30mph)

maybe i will buy new tires now.

Re: sliding...

andrew that sucks, i have been mostly riding my slow as shit foxi for the last couple of weeks and i usually take valencia home so all of the nasty torn up road doesn't make to much of a difference because it doesn't even get up to full speed between stoplights.

Re: sliding...


yeah, it was a good night otherwise though.

i need new pants and jacket too. suuucks.

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