Need parts from

Hey, I'm wondering if anyone wants parts from I want to get at kit from them, but shipping is gonna be $60!!Fuck. But if we can get a few people together to make an order, then the shipping would be better.

how bout a polini style seat for $70?

or I think these are brake shoes for 5 stars!!!

or hpi inner rotor for $310

they also have lots of pistons and rings for most kits.

shoot me an email.

Re: Need parts from

those are more snowflake brakes than 5star.. 5stars take the springs style brakes, or at least mine do.

Re: Need parts from

oh ok. I thought they were becuase they said they were for the supermaxi's and the pics on here of supermaxis have 5 stars.

Re: Need parts from

ahh yea, i was suprised to find out that they were the same as spoke wheels..

what are their prices for those brakes? i could use 2 sets as backup..

Re: Need parts from

the brake shoes are $20 a piece, so about $80 for two sets plus shipping.

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