50 vs 70 tccd kits

i was going to buy the 50 tccd kit from treats and have it ready for bomb prom, but he said he won't have them in stock for a few weeks. he suggested i go with the 70 tccd kit.

the whole point of the 50 tccd was to get an easy to tune, reliable kit. so i'm not sure if i want to go with the 70. how big of a difference reliability wise is there between the 50 and 70 tccd kits?

Re: 50 vs 70 tccd kits

If treat suggested it, it's more then likely good

Re: 50 vs 70 tccd kits

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

doesn't matter. I wouldn't buy the 50. Low end generally sucks balls. You can't beat the reliability though. They are practically bulletproof.

Re: 50 vs 70 tccd kits

) CuperAWESOMO ( /

I'm breaking in a 70cc, I'll let you know how it pans out

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