anyone used

Has anyone used, not sure how you order of them.

I live in the UK and it seems a bit dodgey?

If anyone has used them, would you say they are reliable and trustworthy?


Re: anyone used is the biggest supplier of moped parts in the world. the smaller your order the suckier their service is. most other moped shops order from them at just above wholesale price. they are retail and distributer.

Re: anyone used

The good : they have tons of parts at great prices

The bad : no service, they charge credit card surcharges, shipping is outrageous and they will charge you shipping on the entire order that you place regardless of how much they have in stock and actually ship.

In the end, most of the time the prices end up being the same as what you get in the US when you factor in the 5% credit card surcharge, shipping and the 1-3% foreign transaction the euro is stronger than the dollar now.

They have stuff that no one else does, and while those are the practices that they have..I have never heard of them not shipping parts you actually pay for or anything.

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