Bianchi Snark maintainability

I saw an ad in the paper for a '77 Bianchi Snark that claims to run very well, for $265. I haven't seen it yet. I'm wondering how easy are they to work on, and how available are parts for it?


Re: Bianchi Snark maintainability

They are very easy to work on. Probably one of the easiest mopeds to work on that I know of. I love my '76 Snark (see attached pic). As far as parts go, they have a Dellorto carb and a Minarelli V1 engine, common to most Italian mopeds. I have an extra Bianchi Parts moped if you need parts. I have a carb, coil, body parts, motor parts, etc. I would go for it myself if it was nearby.



Re: Bianchi Snark maintainability

some bianchi-snark mopeds have the morini engine (still the dellorto carb). but not much more difficult to work on. it's a nice moped. i love my 1977 bianchi-snark eagle deluxe. it might be really slow ... but that's an easy fix. form some reason, the snark was heavily restricted in many models. let me know and we can get it running great. and ... if you ever want to sell it ... drop me a line asap.

Re: Bianchi Snark maintainability

Hey Larry, the Snark looks like a Concord frame, you mentioned parts bike, you have the tripple-tree, Its the part that bolts the forks to the frame. Let me know... Doug D.

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