peugeot ignition diagram

i need a diagram for a peugeot ignition, because the wires on mine are all torn apart. i have a batavus that is of the same year. the igniotions look to be the same. i was thinking i might just try to wire it the same way my batavus is wired.

Re: peugeot ignition diagram

What model/year peugeot? i have a 103sp which i also had wires disconnected and hanging out before i fixed them. which wires are all torn apart? are the wires under the flywheel all ok? there should be two wires coming out of a single grommet, one purpleish and thicker and one red (i think those are the colors). Another grommet should have a black wire coming out. and yet another grommet should have the spark plug wire coming out.

Re: peugeot ignition diagram

the wires that re gone are the ones under the flywheel

Re: peugeot ignition diagram

Yes that definately will need to be fixed before you'll get spark. Are the two coils there? there should be one with fine strands and a spark plug wire coming out of it (is this missing too?) and another with heavier gauge wire. There should also be a condenser and breaker points in there. If these are missing, you'll have to find a place to buy replacement parts.

Re: peugeot ignition diagram has Peugeot manuals. If all you need is the diagram I could scan the one I've got. I'll check back here.

i would like ur diagram

i have the coils, and points and all that. All i need is to know is where the wires for the points and coils connect to.

Re: peugeot ignition diagram

what are names of the Peugeot manuals on

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