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Okay, Saturday was my first real ride. I am all cali legal now, and rode it to work and counted the hours till work was over so I could ride it home. I had a lot of fun, and a lot of looks as well as waves from ppl for some reason, I felt odd waving back as I didn't know why they were waving at me and I am sure they didn't know me. Also I got waves because I had to hand signal as my ped has no turn signals. lol

It's running a bit sluggish and slow on some hills that I have to peddle to get up, is this normal? Now, I am not the lightest person and my ped is a _1980 Peugeot 102SP-U3_, I have not done a total tear down, and cleaned everything. If I follow Fred's guide I am sure I could do this, but really? how much down time will I be looking at? I don't have an air compressor to blow out the jets in the carb, is that really needed? Also can someone tell me how much gas this thing holds??? I am not sure if I got the 2storke oil in the right amount. the gas tank says 2oz per 1 gallon of gas. I got that much, but it doesn't say how much the tank holds, I put gas in it the other day and it took about 1/2 gallon. I appreciate any help you can give me.

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You can use compressed air (for cleaning keyboards) to help you clean out the carb. Most mopeds are slow on hills...but I'm not an expert in your style of bike so I won't say anything...

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Re: 1st real ride

The best way to get the mix right is buy a small gas can and mix the gas and oil in there. my faforite way of doing it. and try this site

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it's a 102, therefor not variated, and therefore slow..

Not much in the way of aftermarket parts asside from... maybe a larger carb, and you might be able to modify a pipe onto there... but no bolt on's really...

Also, it should hold just about a gallon, and won't hurt to add a little extra oilz :D

Re: 1st real ride

My 102 isn't variated either, but I could easily do over 35mph with it.

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corpseharvester /

Thank you for the info. I don't think I have enough oil in it, I'll add some more tonight and I think I'll pick up some fuel treatment at the auto zone, any suggestions???

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