Wish you were here!

But it's still awesome without you.

Why didn't you come to Mopedageddon? :(

Re: Wish you were here!

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

because the universe was aligned just perfectly to pull on the earth JUST enough to shove a cosmic log up my ass. the universe hates me i swear to god.

Re: Wish you were here!

BOMB PROM! Prancer, you gonna be down in Cincy?

Re: Wish you were here!

I wish, dude. Too much shit that month though. I'd have to ask for half the month off to do everything I wanted to. I was just happy to make the K'zoo BBQ for the first time.

Wish you were here!


I am interested in Cincy... let me know if you really wanna go.

p.s. I erased all my phone data on accident again... Ill need your number again lol.

Re: Wish you were here!

Aww Phil. :(

I'll call you tomorrow maybe. Also, Bomb Prom isn't a matter of not having a ride down. I can't ask for that much time off work, though. Otherwise, I'd totally rip it up in Cincy.

Re: Wish you were here!

Perfekt Timing Angel /


Miss ya already, Ken-NAY!!

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