"not with my 'coon!"

I'm sitting at my desk, surfing the MA forums when i hear a gang of small children walking by outside, bullying and provoking each other the way kids do when they think adults aren't around...

Suddenly I hear one young man exclaim "not with my 'coon!", clearly a rebuttal to a dare of some sort. I lean over to the window and to my surprise, a small boy stood with a tiny racoon perched on his shoulder. It was hilarious. I want one.

Re: "not with my 'coon!"

They get old, get mean and then bite, but they are cute and cuddily as hell when they are young.

Re: "not with my 'coon!"

yeah, exacly what he said. The are all fun and games when they are tiny and cute.

Not so much fun when they are full grown and mean as shit.

Re: "not with my 'coon!"

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

they tear coon dogs to pieces. Jim

Re: "not with my 'coon!"

they inevitiblay end up tied up so nobody gets a digit sawed off, and they will kick ass on any medium domestic animal.

Kinda like having a wild animal in your yard. Wait...

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Re: "not with my 'coon!"

We had one as kids. She grew up, and was still nice, 'til she had babies! Wow then she was a handfull of dripping blood! Still, they are as cute as ever, and ours got along really good with the kitties. younger, they'd chase each other around the house like crazy! We also lived out in the woods, so it was no big deal, to just let them do waht they wanted as they grew up.

My coon dog.

My dog has no problems with raccoons. In fact he likes to tell them bedtime stories after dark.

Not With My Coon!!!

The movie (based on the unreleased and unwritten novel) is due out tomorrow around lunchtime.

Thrilling preview poster attched!


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very cool. and very cute. and in most states VERY illegal, unfortunately. Back in the 70s you could get de-scented pet skunks though.... but I'd guess that's illegal now too... the whole "you can't make a wild animal a pet" thing...

Re: "not with my 'coon!"

i agree with everyone here. they are super sweet when they are little, can be ok as adults... but if they have a litter, you have to be real careful. i want one for sure, but my puppy has a strong predatory instinct.


Re: Not With My Coon!!!

Boy, give some people a day off and access to photoshop, and you learn the meaning of "too much free time"

Just about the time a raccoon grows up and gets mean, it's just the right size to make a hat.

Re: Not With My Coon!!!

I always wanted a coon tail for my antenna, or maybe instead of a flag on a moped

Re: Not With My Coon!!!

once they're old enough, get ready for the most delicious Cream of Coon Soup you've ever tasted!

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