my introduction.

so i got this moped from my grandpa, he got it new and used it a couple of times on vacation then it sat in a barn until i told him i liked it so he gave it to me. its fun as hell to ride and i am thinking about rebuilding it. I beliebe it is a motron fairway, nut i have yet to see another called that. it does look just like this one however, .

could you guys help me out with this, is it worht any money? ive been having a hard time finding places that sell parts for these so if you know of a place that does or pats that are intercahngable that would be great. thanks.

Re: my introduction.

ol man JUNK /

You know the parts will be almost impossible to find (unless you look on ebay and MA) and it will for sure give you countless nights of no-sleep ( thinking about how cool your new ped is). I Happen to be in the market for a free bike, please send it to me postage paid and you'll sleep better (until you realize what you just did), but send it anyway, you'll be glad you did!

Re: my introduction.

Get some pictures,if it has the same engine as that yellow one you're in luck.

Re: my introduction.

yes. take pictures of your bike, and then we become wealths of knowledge.

Re: my introduction.

sombreromaster /

ok, so i dont own a camera but when i can find or borrow one i will definetly put pics up. but it is identical to the one in the image link, even got that same 70`s banana yellow. the carb is a delorto 14.12 and the motor says "motori manarelli." if you can help with this imformation thats excellent because i wont have [pics until most likely tonight. thanks.

Re: my introduction.

well, youre in luck then. minarellis are pretty easy to find parts for. and your carb is very easy to get a replacement for, too, or parts.

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