Newbie Advice Needed

So, I am looking for 2 mopeds, one for me and one for Kirby (husband)

Debating whether or not to buy new or used. The older mopeds look cooler, but I want to ride them more than work on them, but it could also help keep the budget in check.

As for new ones - I like the Tomos Arrow, but the small tires kinda freak me out. I am also considering Tomos ST. Kirby, likes how the Revival TS looks. But, We really do not know much about mopeds.

Any feedback on these? Please be honest, I have no desire to have poser asshole mopeds.

Also, are there any other manufactures currently distributing mopeds in the US other than Tomos & Honda?

As for the older cooler ones.. if anyone in Chicago want to sell me one or two. That is in good riding condition that would be cool too. Can trade for toys or cash or a combo. :)

And general advice is also welcome.


_also to the moderators, debated if this should go in buy/sell or general discussion, finally decided on general discussion, but if you want to move it thats awesome too_

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

Kirby cant ride a moped, he has no legs. Just a big pink ball with hands and feet. You need legs to ride a moped.

If I wanted ot have a moped that still looked cool, and ran well, I would buy a mid 90's Puch or Tomos.

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

ol man JUNK /

I am almost as new as you, I just bought a 1980 puch and am totally addicted, yes I do have to ride my beach cruiser if I actually want to roll down the road on a working bike BUT, I am having a real easy time finding parts on ebay and here.

Not quite what you were looking for, but hope it helps!

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

Thanks for the input!

Good news is the Kirby in question does have legs :)

One more clarification, I know that a new moped will also need maintenance and I am actually looking forward to that.

Also, if any one is out cruising around tomorrow and wants to swing by rotofugi to chat with me about your moped, that would be super cool too.

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

My advise is biased, but have to say get yourself (and kirby) a puch they are wicked easy to work on, build quality is exceptional and the aftermaket options for modding/rodding are immense, oh yeah and if there was an all out war the only thing left would be giant mutant cockroaches riding puch one-speeds

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

Puchs are awesome but watch out for the 2speeds(za50)...they are VERY precise in there building, and if you have to rebuild it...and do it WRONG it will go BOOM (no joke). If your getting a Puch try to get one with a e50 engine...single speed (less parts to fix) and easier to find parts for. Also, Tomos is a good solid bike. Just remember the models that look like motorcycles still only go 30MPH! So people behind you in traffic will most likely not understand and get vary mad at the "motorcycle" going 30 on the road....but the other models at totally kick ass (I LOVE my LX to bitts) and parts are readily available. HAPPY MOPED HUNTING!

Kuro Neko Neko

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

I recommend a brand new Tomos Sprint or ST. They are the only mopeds being manufactured that still look reasonably like mopeds. I don't care for the Arrow, I do admit liking the Revival, but in a whole different way than mopeds. To me, it doesn't even resemble a moped, more of a mini chopper, but with quality and it's street legal. All Tomos mopeds are high quality. I have an '08 Sprint, an '03 ST, and an '80 Puch Newport ZA50, which I did rebuild. I'm an experienced mechanic, and it was one of the most frustrating, tedious jobs I've ever done. So I recommend staying away from the ZA50 as well, and actually, if you are just now getting into mopeds, get new Tomos mopeds. They are virtually maintenance free. I have 14,000+ miles on my '03 ST, without a single problem, other than a few flat tires. And, as far as the vintage moped vs new moped thing goes, I can park my '80 Puch, my Sprint, and my ST all in a row, and they look basically the same. The Tomos Streetmate, Streetmate R, Revival, and Arrow, do not even resemble the classic '70s mopeds. A Sprint can be slightly modified to look exactly like a classic '70s moped, and costs only $1000 new. and you will not have any problems with it in the forseeable future. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

IMO If you want to work on them, buy an older Puch. If you want to ride, buy a new Tomos. Your husband has good taste, I also like the Revival. Jim

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

The only thing about the Sprint that I noticed is that it does not have directional turn signals.

Is that something that can be easily fixed?

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

You fix it by holding your left arm out. Super simple fix.

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

Jis get yourselves 2 of these fine Mo-Ped specimens....

Sears Allstate Mo-Ped made by Puch in the 50's and early 60's. I have 3, and my daily rider, the 1958 above is my daily rider. I ride FAR more than I ever have to work on it.


Re: Newbie Advice Needed

No. If you need turn signals, you will be better off with the ST. I used to think I had to have turn signals, but after getting the Puch, which didn't have turn signals, and after adding up the cost of adding turn signals, with all new parts, and coming up with a figure in the $200 range, I decided not to do it. I got the Puch for $150, as pretty much a rolling basket case, and spent almost $600 doing a ground up rebuild, I figured I had spent enough, plus I didn't want to ruin the lines of the Puch with clunky add on turn signals. I have been riding a lot more aggressively lately than when I first started riding mopeds (for the second time) about 5 years ago. I learned to ride the Puch without turn signals, then traded in my mint condition '05 ST for the '08 Sprint, and do not regret it. The Revival was more than I could afford, and something about the basicness of the Sprint appealed to me. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

Those are indeed great mopeds (Mo-Peds), and I would love to have one, but they don't exactly grow on trees. I spent $600 and 6 months doing a complete ground up mechanical restoration on an '80 Puch, I can just imagine what one of those would wind up costing me. Consider yourself very lucky to have those. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

I agree Jerry. I have been blessed enough to find 4 around here. I found a real nice 1957 maroon one that my brother has now, and I have two 1954's that need alot more work. I used to ride one of them alot though.

For some odd reason, Cynthia's been finding 1 or 2 a week for sale. She's bought 2 nice ones in the past year. Her red and white one, like mine, is almost PERFECT!

These are 2 speed mo-peds, that shift with a left hand lever on the handlebars. They also have coaster type rear brakes that ya pedal backwards to engage. And parts aren't too much more than the average, but only one place I can find in the US to buy them from. I want no other mopeds now, as these tickle my fancy all the way home.

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

Thanks for all the input. It has really been helpful. Just bought one 08 ST, and will be heading to Warbux tomorrow for the second one.

I have to get back to work now, but took it for a spin around the neighborhood, and I am afraid I am super hooked.


Re: Newbie Advice Needed


Good for you! Naw this is an easy habit to break... hehehehe kidding.

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

Nice. Did you notice the fairing is missing? Peace. Jerry.

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

Yeah, I have it though. The guy that I bought it from did not like it and had taken it off. Not sure if i'm going to put it back on, but it does have a nice big fat place that I could use for a cut vinyl sticker of pirate abe.

Re: Newbie Advice Needed

Actually, if you don't like the fairing, square light, or square dash, you can remove all of it, and replace it with a round style CEV light. These used to be very common on several older mopeds, including Tomos. I put one on my '05 ST (see attachment), and my '08 Sprint. I got it from the Part#T9a-214-834. $45.00. It is a new part, still in the original package. You can also find these from time to time on eBay, usually cheaper. They are a direct bolt on for '08 Tomos Sprint, ST, and LX, no modifications required. Peace. Jerry.

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