16's or 17's?

ok i have found myself at an impass for my project wheel/tire size...

17's are fairly common with the sportier tread patterns whereas 16's have just mc2, but there's more whitewalls for 16's, since the look of the bike is supposed to be old, my gut says 17's not to mention a higher ride since i'm 6'3" tall that might work better for me i know it's an argument of an inch but that inch make a difference like riding a safari (16's) vs riding a NVT (17's)...

Re: 16's or 17's?

BryAn eurism /

I'd go with 17's from a Peugeot 103. I have yet to see one bent and they can take a 2.25 or a 2.75, let alone a 2.5. Leleu hub is aluminum & compat with Puch, but runs a sealed bearing in back. 1 thing though, is used 103 fronts only have a 1 in 10 chance of ever coming back from the fork grease that finds its way into the brake drum IMPE, and speedo driver/cable can be an issue, but the rims themselves are bulletproof from what I've observed

Re: 16's or 17's?

You can paint whitewalls on those 17s.

Re: 16's or 17's?

true i could paint whitewalls on them, however they didn't have 2 tone tires in 1910 they were either white, or black (white rubber with carbon added)

Re: 16's or 17's?

thanx for the advice, now i just have to find a pair of those rims.

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