help seriouse moped problems

the moped was layed on its leftside for a while and was sitting in a puddel of oil whan i found it. i cleaned the carb, the spark plug is good it just wont turn over, i even cleaned out the pistion housing just in case ther was oil in that but still no luck in getting it to start. I would appriceat any extra help on this matter.

Re: help seriouse moped problems

you need to give more details than that for anyone to help. is it a recently running moped or one you found in storage? the oil could either be from the gas tank, the engine, or it might be crank case oil (if the moped has that). so you'd need to specify make/model. details details details. the more details the more likely you'll get some good help.


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Re: help seriouse moped problems

If the engine doesn't even turn over you're going to have to revise the entire engine. Somewhere in the engine it is jammed, this can be a jammed piston in the cilynder, it can be broken gears in the gearbox or even a broken krankshaft. If you get the engine to turn over smoothly, it's not one of these problems but probably something in the carburation and/or ignition. A locked up engine is the worst engine to fix.

Re: help seriouse moped problems

um..check for compression that's ur first step, see if it is even the easy stuff...then take it apart when that don't work..

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