OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

Picked up an Evinrude Lightwin 4hp outboard boat motor at a tag sale. Im having trouble finding technical details on this thing so I was hoping someone could help me out. So far I know it was made in the 60s, its a 2 stroke, and its a 2 cylinder. Other than that I can say that the carb has 2 mixture screws, one for hi speed and one for low speed. So, I believe it has a hi and a low speed jet.

Id like to know a few basic facts, like its displacement, and the carb size. Wondering if throwing a Dellorto on this thing would be a good idea. Also wondering if throwing twin expansion pipes on this would be a good idea.

Thanks for any info or thoughts. Not looking to make this a screamer, but the carbs a little funky (cool though) with having to adjust the mixture at different speeds. Also expansion exhausts seem like they should be on every 2 stroke.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

4hp? weird. I have a 57 or 58 Evinrude 2 stroke 2 cylinder, but I think it's like 35hp.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

hahaha, doesn't the exhaust go through the shaft, to the water?

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

Hmm. I have quite a few of these, grew up with em in fact. I think you might have a 3hp not a 4ph, especially if the tank lives over the motor.

I have shitloads of manuals if what you have is a evinrude/ jonson 3hp, but im definately not gonnna help you destroy a 50-60's motor trying to make it "high performance" with a delorto.

Outboards aint mopeds. they are actualy a bit more complex then you average 2 stroke, 2 sets of points, blah blah blah for each cylinder...

dont ruin an old 60's pr 50's outboard.

they dont make them anymore...

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

Fix it and enjoy it. I bet you can probably get rebuild kits for the stock carbs, they'll probably do great after that. The mixture screws will be handy later on.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

It does. Havent taken it apart or anything yet, but I am assuming I am capable of mounting twin expansion pipes on here. Its not just for power, expansion exhausts push un burnt fuel back into the combustion chamber, so the engine should pollute less.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

I do indeed have a 4hp. Less common than the 3hp apparently. But anyway, Im not actually really looking for higher performance. I thought that maybe the carb could be replaced with something more modern with benefits such as ease of use (no playing with mixture at different speed). As for the expansion pipes, again, not looking to make the motor rev more or anything, just wanna push some of that un burnt fuel back into the combustion chamber where it belongs.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

Oh theres nothing to be fixed. Motor doesnt smoke, starts right up, runs smooth (when the mixture is proper), and even idles real low. Had it out on the water today for like 3 hours, and it was running for most of that time, and it was at WOT for a lot of the time. Mounted on a 13ft row boat...its all the motor that thing needs.

I suppose maybe changing the gaskets would be a good idea, there is a little oil around the outside, though Im pretty sure that could just be coming out the carb. Other than that Im under the impression I should make sure the impeller (water pump) is working properly, even though it showed no signs of running hot.

If the consensus is I should stick with the stock carb, well cool then, its kinda neat. But I definitely think I should have twin expansion pipes... Again, only to lessen the amount of fuel going into the water.

So any ideas what displacement this is? Or even if you knew the displacement on your 3hp that would give me a general idea. id like to know what size the carb is on your 3hp too, again, just so I know a bit more about this thing.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

honestly that carb is fine, its total set it and forget it.

Ill drag out the manual tomorrow, id guess at about 100-150 cc displacement?

ive taken those motors out of storage after 30 years and they have run fine. Come to think of it, they seem to be really good carbs.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

Yeah I could probably just use more practice with it but I can see how it could be a set and forget until the weather changes. It does seem like a cool carb.

BTW picked this thing up for $75. It has a gas tank with a little pump on it, you pump gas to the carb to start it then it just sucks the gas up outta the tank while its running. Came with a stand too.

Cant wait to get it out on the water again.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

cool motor...I had a jonhson sea horse a while back..the motors are that way so u can adjust according to humidity, load and operating conditions....I kinda like it that way..if you are just trolling ya can thicken it up a little on the low end......I would suggest replacing the impeller....NAPA auto parts sells them out of their sierra marine catalog....they are like 25 bucks for a kit, they should be replaced every few years supposedly, but nobody ever does........

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

you sure thats 60s and not earlier ? sounds like your decribing the old fuel pump system on the 18 and 10 evi's you had to pump and then they would suck. 50's.

Those motors can run so fantastically well they are like magic

I HIGHLY SUGGEST you get on outboard motor recyling or whatever and 0rder a impeller kit for it right away.

they get tired and deformed just by staying in the same place

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

Yeah Im definitely gonna stick with the carb. You guys have all convinced me its a sweet carb, and having used it, I have to agree. When going WOT, I guess it would 4 stroke a bit, so I leaned it out and it ran super.

But does anyone wanna give me any support on running twin expansion chambers? This would be primarily for reducing the amount of unburnt fuel going into the water, as well as for looks/custom factor. Performance isnt that important because well, it performs fine and lets face it, its a 4hp motor.

Im really fascinated with the motor, but I feel kinda bad using an old 2 stroke in the water. Figured throwing some more modern technology on there would lessen my guilt, but the adjustable carb is prly fine, but I think I could improve on its exhaust.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

Heres a video of one that looks to be the exact same motor. Mine doesnt have the nice starting system of this one though, I have to wrap the rope around the flywheel and then it comes undone after its started. So every time I have to put a rope back around the flywheel. But yeah looks like the same exact motor, and according to the video that guys is a '69.

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Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

burn that biodegradabe stuff if you have too

putting it in the air rather then in the water may or may not be the hot tim enviornmentally...

Just thank god your not sporting a 50hp Mercury like me.

Or those stupid 225's that my buddies still use on thier ciggerette boats that eat over a gallon a minute.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

fix that starter recoil dude, its all fun and games till you

1.flick the passenger with the rope

2. it backfires and you punch the motor ( OOOWWWWW )

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

Heh yeah this thing gets some great fuel economy it seems. BTW I tried reading some writing on it but all that was really readable was the fact that itll do 4k to 5k rpms, and it produces 4hp at 4.5k.

And compared to the video I posted, mine doesnt shake or smoke like that one. But I definitely want that starting system. I have to start with the cover off, and then Im afraid of dropping the cover while trying to put it back on when its running. So we were running all day with the cover off and well, we accidentally brushed our hands against the flywheel a few times.

The biodegradable oil is definitely a good idea, but the motor still probably exhausts gasoline. But you do have a good point, it doesnt use much gas at all. I still wanna see twin exhausts coming out of this thing though. Or if not, Ill still enjoy it just the way it is.

We had 3 people in this row boat, in very shallow rocky water. Had to do a lot of maneuvering around rocks, had to fight the currents in the river, and definitely hit a bunch of rocks with the boat as well as the motor. The prop didnt get damaged at all, and all in all just very happy with this motor.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

lol, problem is, it is just plain missing the starting mechanism. Well, I know the guy who sold it to me, maybe he still has it somewhere. If not I should be able to find one somewhat easily?

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

as long as we are on the topic of outboards , the first person to come over with $350 takes everything. there are a lot of good parts here including contrlos for the 25HP Viking . http://stcatharines.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-boats-collectable-outboard-motors-W0QQAdIdZ46039332


p.s. we had a 4 hp evinrude just like the one in that youtube video and it was a 1972.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

yours probably smokes less cause your not using that old 70's outboard oil.

That motor uses the same lower unit housing as the 3hp, the "weed free : one, it uses that lower skeg to almost bounce the motor off the ocean/lake floor to protect the prop.

Great little outboards

I have 3 of the 3's the are older 50's ones and dont have gears. To go in reverse you turn em around backwards lol. Works great.

Re: OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

Yeah it bounces off alright. I was still concerned about it going around and hitting the prop but it hasnt happened, or if it did, it didnt damage the prop. Yeah to put this one in reverse you have to turn the whole motor around.

Umm, tried doing some "donuts" in the boat but that big flat row boat doesnt wanna go sideways. Luckily no one fell out.

OT; just got a 60s Evinrude 4hp Lightwin

I found this thread in a web search, so howdy all.

I recently inherited one of these motors...it belonged to my grandfather. It's sat up for a bit but is in good condition. However, it doesn't have any of the fuel system. No tank, no hoses, no fittings. I was told to contact sea-way marine @ sea-way.com for vintage parts. Waiting to hear back from them. The model # appears to be 4306 C, which I read elsewhere points to it being from 1973.

I want to refurbish this motor and put it back in service. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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