Puch EBR maxi fork on my grande...

I have a few questions:

1) will this fork mount onto my ped, in other words, will the steerer fit diameter wise, length wise, and clearance wise in the bearing area

2) how much longer would these forks be than the grande fork? I can't find any specs on the ebr maxi fork

3) my present taken-apart grande fork has this thing on the side of it to prevent the brake hub on the wheel from rotating freely. Will the maxi fork have it? Do you guys suggest getting a disk brake rim for my front? Will it fit the maxi fork?

Re: Puch EBR maxi fork on my grande...

They shouldn't need too much fabrication, but there are a few complications you may have. The steering tube is a strange diameter (the threaded area measures 1" rather than the tube....typically the threaded area is slightly smaller than the 1" tube). On my MOBY, this created the problem of the bearing races not fitting those threads/diameter. B/C they are bigger on the EBR , you could have them machined, but I just cut the steering tube out and put the stock one on the EBRs (worked very nicely). Also, the Puch EBRs have a rectangular block that holds (puch) brakes in place. Hopefully all that helped in some way.

Re: Puch EBR maxi fork on my grande...

Vova Fett /
ven OP

Thanks! I'll look around for other options or just rebuild my forks!


Re: Puch EBR maxi fork on my grande...

look in to rebuilding yours, good grande forks will be better anyway.

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