Yay dumb friends!

rollinheavy07 (5:17:10 PM): dude i think i want to get a madass

moparman1118 (5:17:21 PM): youre stupid if you do

rollinheavy07 (5:17:27 PM): why

moparman1118 (5:17:45 PM): shitties hybrid on the planet

rollinheavy07 (5:17:56 PM): why

moparman1118 (5:18:54 PM): 4 stroke,4 speed,no pedals,no plastics,only goes 26mph,shitty ride stance,no respect from the moped crowd or the scooter crows

moparman1118 (5:19:13 PM): shitty bike in general its a chinese piece of junk

rollinheavy07 (5:19:34 PM): no its german sachs is german

rollinheavy07 (5:19:38 PM): that is

moparman1118 (5:19:41 PM): its chinese

rollinheavy07 (5:19:49 PM): and i dont want the 50cc

rollinheavy07 (5:19:54 PM): i want the 125

moparman1118 (5:20:15 PM): then youd have to register it as a motorcycle

moparman1118 (5:20:24 PM): and have a cycle license

rollinheavy07 (5:20:35 PM): no i can play it off as a 50

moparman1118 (5:20:50 PM): no you cant it says MadAss 125 ridght on the side

moparman1118 (5:21:02 PM): and etched into the motor

rollinheavy07 (5:21:28 PM): nothing a puddy nife and a blowdryer cant fix

moparman1118 (5:21:43 PM): etched into the motor

moparman1118 (5:21:55 PM): and the VIN

rollinheavy07 (5:22:02 PM): body filler and some rattle can

rollinheavy07 (5:22:13 PM): paint

moparman1118 (5:22:20 PM): you cant fill the side casing itll rattle off

moparman1118 (5:22:32 PM): and painting the vin would make them think its stolen

rollinheavy07 (5:22:33 PM): no i wont

moparman1118 (5:22:49 PM): shit,all the things youre doing you might as well steal it

rollinheavy07 (5:23:20 PM): not painting the vin paint over body filler

moparman1118 (5:23:36 PM): then your vin still says 125

rollinheavy07 (5:24:09 PM): they dont ask for the vin right off the bat

moparman1118 (5:24:26 PM): they ask for the vin number on the reg papers

rollinheavy07 (5:25:19 PM): please you honestly think any cop in hartfordgonna pull you over on somthing that looks like a moped

moparman1118 (5:27:10 PM): its not a moped

moparman1118 (5:27:16 PM): its not even a scoot

moparman1118 (5:27:36 PM): its a crappy chuinese hybrid

rollinheavy07 (5:27:45 PM): thats why i said somthing that looks like a moped

moparman1118 (5:27:47 PM): but no the cops might not mess with you

moparman1118 (5:27:53 PM): it doesnt look like a moped at all

rollinheavy07 (5:27:56 PM): and its german

moparman1118 (5:28:00 PM): its chinese

moparman1118 (5:28:17 PM): theres a chinese company that has the rights to the name Sachs

moparman1118 (5:28:33 PM): i dont think sachs even makes products anymore

rollinheavy07 (5:29:38 PM): good point but even so the motors are the same specs as the cr series four stroke motors

rollinheavy07 (5:30:00 PM): which is honda

moparman1118 (5:30:09 PM): maybe spec as in HP/TQ but its a chinese motor of a genaric scoot

rollinheavy07 (5:30:52 PM): no as in the cr motor design

moparman1118 (5:30:58 PM): no

moparman1118 (5:31:12 PM): its a generic chinese design not a Honda design

rollinheavy07 (5:31:24 PM): yes i was jup all night looking this shit up

rollinheavy07 (5:31:31 PM): up

moparman1118 (5:31:39 PM): if you where youd know Sachs isnt german anymore

moparman1118 (5:31:45 PM): and that the madass is a fluke

moparman1118 (5:32:10 PM): save the time and money and get a Puegot if you want to be fast

moparman1118 (5:32:34 PM): a 70s one though a 103sp i tyhink

rollinheavy07 (5:33:16 PM): idk

rollinheavy07 (5:33:27 PM): what want anymore

moparman1118 (5:34:16 PM): Puegot,Puch,Derbi, or anything with a Minarelli V1 engine

moparman1118 (5:34:23 PM): those are the top IMO

rollinheavy07 (5:36:54 PM): im looking for somthing with out of the box power because this tomos is draining the bank and my grandma will pms allover the place if i ask to take money out of the bank thats why im looking into somthing that is fairly new withgood power god stylings and effcient

rollinheavy07 (5:37:08 PM): good

moparman1118 (5:37:34 PM): old 80s Derbi or a 70s Puegot

rollinheavy07 (5:38:10 PM): isnt the derbi the one that looks like a dirt bike with pedals

moparman1118 (5:38:17 PM): although a derbi will be a rare find and will cost ya

moparman1118 (5:38:21 PM): yes

rollinheavy07 (5:39:11 PM): no good,looking for a that moped look if you get what im trying to say


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