Utah NOped laws?

So I searched a lot and found tons of info on this stuff, but can't figure out where my targa noped will stand if I take it to utah. I really don't want to have to register it or insure it or any of that garbage. Does anyone know the deal? Also, I'm an out of state student paying out of state tuition so it sounds like I might just be able to keep using it with my Massachusetts registration...?

And yes I already know that mopeds in utah don't need to be insured or inspected or anything, but they are also required to have pedals. And unfortunately it says pedals that propel it too, otherwise I'd just bolt on some of my bike pedals and call it a day.

Re: Utah NOped laws?

oh and it's a 97 targa that I got recently from a rental shop on martha's vineyard so it's not in prime shape, but I've got everything working well and it runs real good so if anyone has a similar year/condition (not pretty looking, but must run well) tomos with pedals or really anything decent with pedals I'd consider trading because pedals would also be nice to ride right up to my classes on campus...

Re: Utah NOped laws?


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