Just got back from Argentina

Back in Europe after a vacation in Argentina.

I'd never seen so many mopeds, Step-Thru-Honda replicas and monkey bikes, not to mention the 1960s and 70s cars and trucks, some of which in pretty good condition.

I didn't recognise many of the mopeds, and many didn't have stickers on the frame. There were a lot of mopeds from a company called "Zinarelli" or "Zinerallo" ....or something like that.

The fastest moped I saw was a scruffy old green thing with a very loud expansion exhaust being ridden hard around one of the towns we stayed in -I noticed that the tail-pipe was tiny so I'll fit a restrictor to my home-brew pipe to see if it gives me more power at useable rpm range.

Most of the small bikes were Guerrero which were updated Honda replicas including CG125s, C90 (well, 110s) and Dax (110) that I really liked, mostly having loud race silencers fitted!

Re: Just got back from Argentina

Zanella? I think those have minarelli motors. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Re: Just got back from Argentina

Yes, Zanella could have been it.

It was great fun, driving a rented SUV on Argentine city roads was as an experience....

Re: Just got back from Argentina

"It looks as if Zanellas can be quite rapid":

Re: Just got back from Argentina

It looks as if I missed an opportunity. If only I'd found a good local shop over there!

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