Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

Could someone recommend a place in Boston to get parts/ help with repairs?

Someone told me there was a good place in Somerville near Sullivan, but he couldn't remember the name. The only place I could find online in that area is Euro Cycle, which doesn't seem to have a website or working phone number.

I just got a 78 Honda Express, which seemed to be running pretty well but is now not starting very well and stalling A LOT (which I discovered is not fun in traffic on Mass Ave, by the way).

I know nothing whatsoever about repairs or even where to start troubleshooting, but for one thing I think the fuel filter needs to be replaced, so I'm planning to start with that.

Any suggestions on places to get parts (maybe even one that would be open on Sunday!) and/or ideas about what else I should look at would be much appreciated.

I was hoping it was going to keep running long enough that I would have time to start learning how to fix it : /

So much for that idea.

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

any type of busniess will try and get your cash. i suggjest looking for a person, who is addicted to mopeds. im in franklin, and my bros in mendon. not tooo far, but he tends to work worcester. if you can get your honda express on the communter rail, i could take it in. im right nest to the dean stop, and forge park.

just an idea, there might be somone better, closer.

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

Im around, but mopedjay is the express dude - he will find this thread, trust me is the guy. He lives in Haverhill tho

otherwise you would need to find someone around boston somerville that could work on small motors.

I dont want to be a downer, but its not likely the filter, its probably the little express carb full of dirt syndrome, again something jay would be more able to help you out with.

Try and latch onto the boston thread, there is a little group of us that are starting to get a ( shit i said it )

learning to fix it yourself is the way to go!

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

also, if you spill any gasoline or other solvents while working on the bike, mopedjay will be glad to wipe it up with his shirt. HE IS THAT NICE!

seriously, though - guy knows everything about the honda express. come to our next ride/fix-it session, which will be soon.

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

actually, it probably is just a dirty carb or something. who did you get it from? was it kept in good order?

also, i dont suppose its light green and you bought it somewhere on the south shore from a guy who lives in california but left it behind at his family's house?

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

Brendan Chenelle /

I'm in townsend, but if nobody else helps I would be willing to help:)

Also, do you know a bernadette lammi?

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

yep here i am me know how fix express

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

I like that. >>...mopedjay is the express dude &#8211; he will find this thread, trust me is the guy.<<

And then he shows up like in the nick-of-time.

_"Here he somes to save the day, Mopedjay is on his way"_

(sung to the tune of Mighty Mouse. IF anyone remembers him)

So mopedjay, what's it feel like to be a Moped Super Hero?

Probably would make a good comic strip, or short utube video.

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

nah im just a loser that does nothing but plays around with mopeds all day every day

im not an expert i just have had enough expresses to know how to fix them

and cause i showed up to the boston ride last week on a nice loud express well its not nice but it is loud

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

Jay pre-soaks his polartec shirt in gasoline just in case he needs to clean a carb along the way!

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

I've broken my express enough to know how to fix it too. Luckily, they are the easiest mofos to play with.

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

once, mopedjay cleaned my carburetor on the side of the road with his shirt, and then he worked some kind of magic and the moby started again.

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

Thanks everyone. It's not green, and I do not know Bernadette.

Do you post ride/fix-it session date and times on here? Or how do I find out about it?

I changed out the fuel line and it's running much better now. The old rubber was all cracked around the top of the filter and air was getting in. Hopefully that was the whole problem.

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

if that was the whole problem, please send me some of your luck.

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

yeah, ride times are usually posted a few days in advance. at one point there was a myspace page, too, but i dont know if its still going.

anyhow, one of the keys to a nicely functioning moped is a clean carburetor. just a flecks of dirt in there can screw everything up. luckily, this is a super east fix.

if you are on the jamaica plain side of boston, i can help you with this. if not, i can still help, but not today.

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

Well, I spoke too soon. Fuel line is leaking now, and everywhere I went today was sold out of small hose clamps. Booo.

Jay, I live in South Boston, I could probably get over to JP tomorrow if you're going to be around and are interested in helping me. Same goes for anyone else, I'd be more than happy for any help.

I'd like to at least get the fuel line straightened out tomorrow so that I can ride it around this week and see how it runs over a few days.

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

you have been emailed

Re: Moped parts/repairs in Boston?

well i cant get down there tomorrow im going to portsmouth

but i can borrow the car and come down sometime this week

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