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Hi, i'm new here and to there world moped and scooter's. i recently pick up project, a allstate compact model #810.94390. and i believe the serial # 794570. it in good shape all the tin is there, a older redo has not run in 4-5 years. ive cleaned the gas tank then check for spack and have none.

I have a million question, but I'll start with the basic for now

where can find part. starting with plugs, coil, points, condenser? can i get these parts at local auto parts store?

I really would get it to running. i found these project go faster if i it with run.

also if anyone can give any in sight to what i here. tittle say it a 1968. i do have a book on order but it coming very slow

any help is greatly welcomed and i would like to say thanks in advance

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Jason Luther / is a great place for parts. use a champion L86C plug gapped to .018 (or something close to that heat range). the points (.018 gap as well), condenser and everything is the same for other puch bikes, but they are pretty reliable so test them before you buy new ones. the spark plug wire screws into the coil and into the plug cap, so thats a weak point, to test for continuity. the motor is 60cc and has a 3-speed transmission. 30w non-detergent oil, 32:1 gas/oil mix. Are you not getting spark? or whats the deal?

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thanks for the info. yes that is correct, i have NO spark. i have pulled the blower cover and everything looks brand new . i haven't checked the gap on the point yet, but that next on the list. i have tested wire continuity between the point ,condensior, ign coil and it was good. try to check voltage at the ign coil but it jumps so quick i could not say it was. is there a good way to check voltage at the ign coil?

i have talk with someone at last Monday,matt i think smart guy. i order some eclectical part that he suggested

and a book,but my order has not arrived yet and its just killing me. now i can at lest get a plug and check that and the gap on the point.

thanks again i'll take the info i can get

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Jason Luther /

yeah matt is a very nice guy. rather than check voltage at the coil, check its resistance, should be about 5000-7000ohms between the spark plug lead and where the power comes in. just start simple these old bikes have touchy wiring and it is probably something as simple as a loose connection, dirty points, or someone hooked up the coil backwards.

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Hooking up the coil backwards will mainly just give you weaker spark, to my experience.

Yep Matt at Motor West is a good guy, but he's having terrible family problems at the moment, so things may be a tad bit slow. I hope everything works out for him soon.

I use the same synthetic 2 stroke Amsoil brand oil in my gearbox for my Allstate Mo-peds, and it's ALOT better than 30wt for me.

Amory's got some good experience with this brand of bikes too, so I'm not trying to diss anything he's saying.

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thanks for the reply, and ones again being new to to all this i'll take any input i can get.

i took a couple of sec to ign coil and i get 53k ohms between the hot term and were the plug wire connects. and if i under stand this isn't good, correct? The one on there is a bosch #TJ6/6 coil on there now, so i'll have to try and see if get one or hope my order shows soon.

thanks for the tip on the synthetic oil i'll check it out.

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