how far can i go

hi all

new to mopeding

i bought a 1984 qt 50

i am curious on how far i can drive this thing at a time.

i was hoping to drive it back and forth to work

aprx 15 miles one way.

hubby says if i tried it i would probably wreck it, that it is not made to travel that distance at one time.

anyone have any words of wisdom, or

am i better off buying a bigger one?

if so on the bigger one, anyone have suggestions on

which ones are the best?

Re: how far can i go

The distance is no problem, just keep it running right.. change the fluids, spark plug, etc.

Re: how far can i go

yeah i wouldnt worry about wrecking as much as it breaking down. is it in good condition? is everything running right. Are the tires in good condition and not cracked, etc. and also make sure you feel comfortable riding 15 miles before doing it. obviously.

Re: how far can i go

Nah I just started doing 21 miles and tho it takes a while it is definitely not too far. Jerry AKA Junkyard Dog rode a TFR 300 mi. in one day

Re: how far can i go

You'll make it easy... I'd suggest premixing your gas instead of using the resevoir. Use Amsoil synthetic at almost 3oz per gallon. Mix it in a can with a good shakity shake, first though.

Re: how far can i go

Ben Van Zoest /

You be ok, maintenance is the key issue here. Considering it's age make sure all friction point are newly lubricated including the wheel bearings. Won't thrust the old rubber tho risking a flat midway.

Re: how far can i go

There's a dude did a 7,500 mile trip in Canada .. I found it in the forum's back pages and moved it where people can see it. Man .. they should promote that dude to President of Canada.

Re: how far can i go

15 miles is no problem, you can ride that thing untill it runs out of fuel or your butt hurts whatever comes first! That said, I would clean the tank and maybe replace the oil injector line, they can get plugged up, I have nothing but good luck with japanese oil injection, although you could pre-mix if you need to. These are very reliable machines if they are in good condition. I wish you well and have fun!

Re: how far can i go

You've promoted yourself right into being uncomfortable, man.

It's okay to like it here, just don't get so flipped out.

You've purposely asking for the way people have reacted. But go ahead and keep thinking YOU are the right one, and no one here is sane. It won't change any facts. I'm through defending you, mainly because it's tiresome, and you have pushed things so stupidly far. Please take a break man.

Re: how far can i go

thanks for all the help guys,

i rode it about 8 miles straight the other day to test it out.

man my ass was numb( pardon the language)

i think i will keep that one for buzzing around town and look for something a little bigger for traveling to work.

Re: how far can i go

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Mopeds can be ridden those distances regularly without trouble. I commute on my Puch pretty regularly, 12 miles each way.

Re: how far can i go

i did 2 miles every day with no trouble except ice on the roads (fun but u crash a lot more)

Re: how far can i go

50cc bikes can be ridden around the world in long enough time. Peace. Jerry.

Re: how far can i go

theres no limit as long as your engine runs correctly. ive driven AT LEAST 40 miles WOT the whole time, non-stop during a 150 mile trip. a good engine should be able to work like that.

Re: how far can i go

Just made a thirty mile trip... Still have to ride home though. No trouble from the ped. I did cut my finger wicked bad, and was forced to stop and buy crazy glue to stop the bleeding.

Re: how far can i go

I have ridden my Tomos on quite a few 500+ mile weekend trips at WOT, with no problems except an occasional flat tire. I do use premix 40:1, NO OIL INJECTION. And with what I weigh, plus all the stuff I carried, it was probably overloaded. I put 40 psi in the tires. Peace. Jerry.

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