The weird mysteries of moped electrical systems...

TJ Miller /

Hey people, i was playing around with my tomos and i was wondering what type of electric current came out of the thing. i hooked a 12v up to the electrical parts just to see what happened, and nothing seemed to work.. would someone like to make sense of it for me? thank you much...

Re: The weird mysteries of moped electrical system

Chris MWH /

If this helps.

All moped magnetos produce AC Voltage. If your model has a voltage rectifier (which your tomos does) the components wired in after the rectifier are operating on DC. All mopeds that have a battery will have a rectifier for charging the battery . All accessories that are operated by the battery will be DC. For example on a General 5 Star moped the horn , brake light, and dirrectionals operate on DC voltage. The head lamp and tail light operate on AC Voltage.

Chris MWH

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