Taillight and LED's

I am starting to work on my grande with a cafe style rear end and I want to use LED's for the tail light and turning signal since the rear fender/cowling is going to be custom made anyways. Do you guys know of any good led's? My magnetos give out 6V. I just realized I can use the search function too so I'm going to go and do that now lol


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Re: Taillight and LED's

yuppers they're probably the best bet, and the only place that i've seen, after searching google for 3 hours, that has 6v lights.

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You can make your own -

LED Primer


LED Resistor Value Calculator


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Wow thanks guys, the superbrightleds website is awesome and has reasonable prices!

Ro_man! Thanks a lot for the links, For my rear turning signals (and possibly front) I will use the 19 led batches they sell on the website, however, for my rear tail and brake light I will have to create my own! Thanks!

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You are welcome, Hu-Man!

I've had this on my mind fior a while, but haven't come up wuith a way of fabrication/adapting/rigging an acceptable case for a set of turn signals. The tiny turners I'm using now wouldn't accomodate many LEDs, but I'm sure something will turn up.

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I used an regular 1157 LED in my TFR, the distant cousin. Never put a meter on it but figured, it fit, what the heck, tired of replacing incandescents. Mebbe mine's a 12v mag system. Best $3 I spent on the bike, AutoZone. Nice and bright. Made everything else brighter too.

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A new search for me, LEDs for the blinkers!

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Actually wat i did and found it to be cheaper was go to a truck stop a find the accent LED lighting and you wire one light up to be your running light and the other for your stop light "will post pics when its built" you can also make cool designs with it

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Would I be able to just wire these straight up?


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