i haz a br0ken hans

leads to...

bent handlebars, forks, and banged up tank.

Re: i haz a br0ken hans

Call Lionel Hutz

Re: i haz a br0ken hans

Blood and Bones!!!

Re: i haz a br0ken hans

Seeing orthopedic on Tuesday.

Looks like surgery for shore.

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That is some shit. Didi you get any info from the guy who hit you?

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oh, i forgot to mention..


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Sugery for your broken hand? I'd think that bone could be set pretty easily. I had a similar break once - an injection of anesthetic, a few minutes of moving the bones around until they were in the right place, and Shazam! 6 weeks of knitting later all was well.

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Shit, I hope you're right.

I've never had surgery ...and have never broken a bone until last week.

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Hasn't the bone been set already? Was there any tissue damaged? Did that jagged bone end rip through anything that isn't going to heal on it's own?

The good news about this kind of thing is that modern anisthetics are great! Painless dentistry acutal exists now. And when my hand was being set, I felt nothing.. no tingling, no wierdness, do discomfort at all. This while someone was twisting and pulling and otherwise unnaturally manipulating my broken hand. I don't recall what was used, but it might have been Lidocaine.

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All medical help so far has been my trip to the ER.

Another trip to my primary doctor who peeped out my xrays with a YIKES! And gave me more prescription.

Orthopedic visit this Tuesday, which will be 11 days after the accident.

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dude that should be set asap....I hope you heal fast best of luck!

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totally bummed out right now

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bummer dude, but at least you found out right away. i broke my jaw snowboarding in march and the doctor originally missed it. got a call a week later and they said i needed to have surgery and have my jaw wired shut.

much better to get it done with right away. good luck with the heal man

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Did you, or any bystanders, get their plates? I presume not, since you didn't mention it.

People are assholes.

At least now you've got scars to compare.


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see now, if this contry did shit right, the penalty for all hit-and-runs would be enough to pay for all the hit and runs of the people they dont catch.

people like that shouldnt be able to afford to drive a bicycle.

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"Here's my scar story..."

No plates, def an asshole. Some elderly couple who witnessed it tried to follow but the guy zoomed out onto the highway.

It was one of those scraper... chromed out dub cars.

Daly City is a small city just outside of SF, I'll see him again.

And throw a couple B7's at his tinted windows...

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all this is under my folks' insurance and i believe im getting cut off in july.

if i need physical therapy (after july), will that still be covered since the accident happened prior to expiration?

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nope. get that shit in when you're under your rents. or at least stay with the same insurance company if you get your own. that way if you use up your deductible, i don't think you'll have to pay it again if you stay with the same company.

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Re: i haz a br0ken hans

***Kim Jong illest*** /

dude, i feel yur pain for SURE! get better soon! dont listen to what those doctors say, theyre full of shit! i was told i may not walk again, WRONG!

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<a href=" http://s298.photobucket.com/albums/mm269/mysterygoat81/?action=view&current=crash.jpg" ; target="_blank"><img src=" http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm269/mysterygoat81/crash.jpg" ; border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

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fuck those muni tracks..

ate me on my bicycle.

and fuck stupid doctors, id get a second opinion but times running out with insurance and such. i feel like the guy i saw today was shady....the door said "plastic surgeon" when i thought i was seeing an orthopedic. of course he wants to do surgery on me!!

im glad to see you have recovered well!!

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ugh i hate it when this happens, hope you are feelin aiit.

i haz a br0ken hans

Ouch! I had a break in the same spot, looked pretty much the same. But I punched a wall, and hit a stud in the wall while doing so. Completely unsatisfying. lol

Anyway, I didn't even want pins, so the doctor did some twist with my pinky - like twisted it upside down - casted it up and we called it a day. My pinky there is still a tad weak (this was like 15 years ago) and the knuckle doesn't look quite like the other one, but it works. :-)

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Was the break as ugly as mine?

I really don't wan surgery. Ugh.

Re: i haz a br0ken hans

Mine looked just like yours. They didn't want to do surgery, but they did want to put pins into it to hold the bones in place. Which I guess maybe is sort of surgery. All I know is I was in my young teens, heard "pins" and refused. :-) Whatever you do, do it quick. That bone is already setting as you speak...

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get surgery, jesus. you are worried about physical therapy when your ins runs out? guess what, if you dont get it set you might be fucked for a long long long long time. like till you die.

i went down on my left hand and only moved all the bones around twisting and stretching tendons and tearing ligaments, which i am sure you have done. that was in october, my hand still hurts because there was no surgery they could do, everything was just moved around and we all hoped things would go back to the right places.

surgery heals you faster and stronger and the pins that held my fingers together(different accident) were the best thing ever and why i can still type. plus the scars are cooler and you can keep the pins and shit if they ever take them out of you.

your hands take a lot of stress and you dont want a whole quarter of it being weak and unreliable. plus with surgery they get a first hand look at your insides to make sure things are in the right place.

that being said, sorry as fuck. if you can describe the car better, we'll all keep an eye out.

Re: i haz a br0ken hans


you're right. I need to quit being a pansy and man up. It's hand surgery....not a heart transplant.

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If you just haunt that intersection he will probably drive by again. People are creatures of habbit.

Re: i haz a br0ken hans

I'll see him around, for shore.

I think I forgot to mention it was my LAST turn for home stretch. 3 blocks away.

Once I recover, I'll go hunting. Oh so sweet revenge. >;]

Re: i haz a br0ken hans

good luck man

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