Shipping a moped from the US to Canada

Wondering whats the whole process about.

special permits?

shipping by plane?

driving across the boarder?

post-registration (in BC)?

hell or a breeze?

I was told that getting a European bike over here is worth its fair share of troubles, but have yet to hear about north american inner trading.


Shipping a moped from the US to Canada

John Joedicke /

Check the import rules from the Canadian Government web site. And also see if it is allowable from their list.

Shipping a moped from the US to Canada

I was told the following at the BC/WA border (at the Canadian station) that, to bring a moped across the border (in the back of a truck, for example):

- Moped must be at least 15 years old

- Moped must have title (screwed me out of several mopeds)

That was basically it. He said that there wouldn't be any fees for it, just some paperwork, because it's not like they make or sell them in Canada anyway. As for registration, you'd have to have it safetied or whatever depending on provincial law. I'll be learning more about this in the next couple weeks.

It boggles the mind seeing all those $200 mopeds on Craigslist in the States, and then finding NOTHING up in the great white north.

Re: Shipping a moped from the US to Canada

Hmmm thats allot easier then i tought, i wonder if i could smuggle a none tittled one over the boarder, stuff it in a foam reindeer or something

o and for the record theres a puch going on craigslist right now in van for 800$ smacks. Cant get to it right now so meh...

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