proud new moped owner!pics!

me and my girlfriend recently got a pair of 1997 tomos. her is the targa. mine is the sprint. we love them and they are so much fun i wanted to post the before pics. and we ride with pride. i also have a list of mods to be made on both bikes (more to the sprit of coarse) including: military style saddle bags-custom headlights-airfilter-exhuast-paint-ect. don't wanna let to much out. we also are doing alot of traveling alot all around the real so cal (everything south of ocean side) so many pics to come. just really love everything about my tomos


Re: proud new moped owner!pics!

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

too bad about the pegs, but it's a rad ped anyway! congrats

Re: proud new moped owner!pics!

sick! I got the same exact targa a couple weeks ago. I'm not pumped on the pegs, but I got it for way cheaper than anything else available around here so whatever I'd rather have pegs and more money left over. I've also got bullet exhaust and a 70cc kit in the mail for it... booyah. In my opinion these mopeds aren't much to look at but they are super fun to ride and other than the kinda sketch oil system they are built pretty well.

Re: proud new moped owner!pics!

garelick farms milk crates. you can take the whole out of mass but never the mass out of the hole. love it.

Re: proud new moped owner!pics!

i have the 70cc kit in the sprint and i don't mind the pegs i enjoy the kickstart kinda feel like i got this little bad ass motorcycle

Re: proud new moped owner!pics!

thats my sprint


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