Indiana Jones RUINATED

I wasn't happy at all. I mean monkeys WTF ALIENS WTF


you ruined a series that i really like and forgot how much i liked till i watched them all last week.

This is why i don't watch movies

Harold and Kumar 2 sucked also

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

i think lucas and team did an awesome job on the latest indi film. cheesy in all the right ways, just like the originals. i mean, how are aliens any worse than the arc? remember when a box shot lightning into the bad guys eyes and fried him? that's no worse at all.

couldn't have done it better, if you ask me. can't wait for the adventures of the new indi

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

I refuse to see it...

All the right people have given it the thumbs down which in my mind will most certainly ruin one of my childhood idols.

The original three had a believable plot based on tales and legends that go back hundreds to thousands of years...and so long as you can accept the whole "Wrath of God" part they're classics.

But no thanks on the Aliens...and no thanks on Artifacts that many in the science community think are fake anyway...

Remember the old Indiana Jr cartoon???

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

talk about ruinated, i havent SEEN it yet. thanks.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

Did you like harold and kumar 1? because from what I've heard they are identical, and 2 is hilarious so I think I'm still going to see indiana jones too. but aliens do sound bogus.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

the original three were based on the saturday morning shorts and the pulp fiction of the 30s and 40s - hence, snakes and nazis and jungles. the new one takes place in the 50s, and is based on the comic books and camp of that era - hence, aliens and atomic bombs and communists.

now, i HAVENT seen it yet, but im perfectly ok with aliens making an appearance. indiana jones is all about camp, so shifting it from fire shooting out of the ark, or drinking from the holy grail to men from outer space really doesnt seem like a leap at all.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

how about lebouf swinging from trees like tarzan?

i was dissapointed in the movie, but it did have its moments...

by the way i dressed up!

i'm on the right

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

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Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

dude, that movie was so rediculous it became awesome. like dean said, it was wayyyy corny, but exactly like how all the old ones were. all the other ones were over the top too, but this one one-upped the others in absurdity and i think thats what made it awesome. whip cracking, vehicular fight scenes, good brawls, harrison ford being the fucking man. just like the old ones in my book.

shia did ok.. better than i thought he would. frankly, he hasnt done anything good since holes (more so since even stevens), and it was nice to see him perform decently. he pulled the sword fight off well.

all that being said, i was very high when i saw it, which makes it hard to be a critic. nonetheless, fucking sweet.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

It was exactly what I expected. I don't know how people can claim this one is so corny. Don't you remember the other three?? All of them are campy that is part of the point. Remember when Indy falls out of a plane on a rubber raft and survives? That is not any less crazy than stuff that happens in this movie.

For me I liked the early 50s influenced parts the best, when they got to the generic jungle chase and ruins parts I found it a little boring. Especially since if Indy had just let the bad guys take the skull he could've just hung out and the movie woulda ended the same way. But regardless it was pretty fun overall. The aliens made perfect sense given the timeperiod the movie takes place in.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

i would like to see one survive that atomic bomb in a fridge. really.

also i was confused; everyone was after that one skull but those russians said they had a few of those alien corpses who had the crystal skulls too... so... what made that ONE skull special? how could they even tell?


Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

-Unholysmokers - Chad Ferguson /

I thought it was pretty damn awesome. I re-watched all three movies in the last week and I think it flows pretty damn well. The other movies are crazy over-the-top cheesy all the way through and I think this one fits right in. Of course there are a FEW things I didn't like but in the end it was fun, there was tons of action, and Harrison fucking Ford. I would give it a solid B.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

I dunno what you guys are talkin' about. I thought it was pretty damn good. And fell right in line with all other Indie flicks....

A little ridiculous, yes... but which one wasn't?

They're all based on old stories / legends / whatehaveyou, and this one was pretty damn good imo :D

Indiana Jones RUINATED

These aliens - did they have nice brown fur and wear diving helmets?

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

im not saying i didn't enjoy it, it just should of never been made. It wasn't nearly as great as the first 3

Way to much CGI, i'm not a fan of it unless its in sci fi films were it looks like it belongs.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

Yes that confused me as well. Also I thought most of those Russians died durring the blast. I loved the motorcycles.

The whole alien thing was too much, I have to agree, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

I LOVED the blue-eyed brunette, 'specially when she got slammed up over that amphibian jeep. Wow did she look hot!! MMMMMmmmm!

The library scene was over the top, but maybe still my favorite part.

The monkeys and tarzanish swinging was a letdown. And WHERE was the skull originally taken from??? That part still riddles my mind.

Still, I loved the movie. All I can say, is.... if ya hated it so bad... go make your own. I had no idea that gunpowder was magnetic.


Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

haha dude dont you remember? it isnt magnetism. gold isnt magnetic either. its some crazy extra terrestrial force!

yea the swinging was stupid. maybe if he did one or two thatd be ok, just to show he had rope swinging in his blood. but the fact that he did it for a while, FASTER than the cars is just absurd. but so was the whole movie. and thats what made it awesome.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

Not that the magnetism was weird, it was that Indy somehow knew more about it than he should have, in my opinion.

I absolutely loved the movie. I almost cried when that atomic bomb mushroomed. I want to go see it again!

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

hes a doctor, and a badass. of course he knows about magnetism.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

And that gold and powder would attract as well?

Oh well, I am not complaining. I was just set aback some. The main clkiche part was the guy that was hording the treasure while the place was falling apart. How many times to we have to learn that lesson? hehehee.

I have a projector for TV, and can't wait to watch it on my wall when it comes out on DVD. I still loved the movie! That Ukranian/Russian lady gives me sweet dreams too.

I was glad to see Marion come back into the picture. I know a lady here that is so much like her.

If I weren't so broke, I'd go back and see it again today. I saw it durring the 4pm matinee yesterday.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

My fav part was when he told Mud to Hit biff and the greasers and jocks got in a fight,

Iono i like the movie but i just really wished it wasn't so cgi makes it really tacky and not in a good way

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

I liked when Mutt was all scared in that cave in Peru, and then he says, "Oh... It's a thing."

I also liked Cate Blanchett, I thought it was odd that the aliens ganked her. I would hope aliens would be beyond that.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

yeah, her!

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

I felt a little wierd about the whole Russian thing...

Nazis are such iconic bad guys, WW2 at least historically was a war about good vs. evil. The Cold War was more about two scared superpowers snooping on each other and threatening the nuke. I found it wierd that Indy was sooooo into the whole "Better Dead than Red" mentality, using "comrade" like it's synonymous with "asshole".

I know Stalin was an evil guy too, but regardless of his actions historically, the role of the USSR in the minds of American moviegoers is not so perfectly evil as our image of Nazism. I think it would have been a waaaay sweeter film if the baddies had been some lingering rogue group of Nazis trying to use some artifact to ressurect the Furher. I mean if you want classic Indy you need fantastic myth rooted in the fringes of both history and urban myth.

I guess society has made some changes since they stopped making Indy movies, Indiana Jones always has an artifact rooted in superstition, but superstition in the last century was mainly rooted in Catholocism, now people believe in alien abduction and shit like EVP.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

I get what you're saying, but the film took place in the 50's, and back then no one gave 2 shits about nazis, they were all scared out of their minds that the ruskies where going to blow their eyes out of their sockets with a nuke at any second, it fit the movie well I think. And comrade is synonymous with asshole.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

bad ass

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

Don't get me wrong, I thought it made sense historically, but Spielberg/Lucas are all about symbols. For the movie to feel like Indiana Jones, the villains have to be symbolic of pure evil. The Russians of the 50's don't really embody evil to us, the moviegoer. Sure folks in the 50's were scared shitless of them, but the movie isn't being made for the characters in the film, it's being made for us. Case in point: when they showed the Anti-Commie rally on the campus, a lot of people at the theatre chuckled. Nazis are good villains for these simple good vs. evil flicks, Ruskies ain't because they don't symbolize evil, but conflict. And our friend Dr. Henry Jones may be a fighter, but in every other movie, he wasn't looking for a fight, he was just getting into trouble with all the wrong people while he searched for treasure.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

Communism is not a difference in opinion, Communisn is evil.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

Baron von Jordacheo /

yea I just saw it and was not impressed, they should have just left it alone.

Re: Indiana Jones RUINATED

Well technically communism is just an economic system, but the Soviets weren't the nicest. But it's the 50s, who are you gonna use as bad guys? I guess they could have found some leftover Nazis in South America.

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