Is my suspension too high?

How's it looking? the second pic has a small edit in it, which is kind of what I want it to look like, I just haven't finalized the shape yet.

Thanks for the input!

Re: Is my suspension too high?

looks good now you need a tall fork to go with it

Re: Is my suspension too high?

The fork that I have right now is tall enough that the kickstand no longer reaches the ground. However, I agree that I do need a taller fork because last time I rode with the 300mm shocks, the rear tire skipped when I braked, which I am assuming was the effect of wrong CG. I guess my options are to spend 50$ on new rear shocks (unless my trade goes through) or spend 200$ if I'm lucky on a taller fork.


Re: Is my suspension too high?

Love the Grande! If you're going fo rthe cafe look (looks like you are) you will either want flat bars instead of drops or a substantiall higher fork. The seat/fork height is such that drop bars are REALLY REALLY uncomfortable. Sweet lookin bike, though...whats it got for guts?

Re: Is my suspension too high?

If you hit a bump while going fast, and those shocks compress way down, how much force will there be throwing you upward? That is, will those tend to toss you over the handlebars?

Re: Is my suspension too high?

Hey! Yeah I heard that drop bars are not very comfortable on Grandes! I think I am going to go with flat bars or mountain bike bars!


Dellorto 13:13

Pollini air filter

Pollini exhaust

I don't want to get a kit for it, but the engine is rebuilt.

I shaved down the variator spacer for more speed

This thing flies, I love it. On a good day I am able to keep up with traffic on main roads here, meaning I go close to 60km/h. I'm not that heavy of a person either.


- Cracked engine case, it's not in a critically dangerous area but I will braze it just in case

- Exhaust port seems to leak oil, or somewhere around there, so my worst fear is that I am losing compression (even though it seems to run fine) and my not-as-bad fear is that the oil is coming from where the exhaust mounts to the engine (this can be fixed with some aluminum tape I suppose)

Problems that I wish didn't exist:

- shorter shocks or taller fork or keep it the way it is?

Re: Is my suspension too high?

Ro man, the shocks don't compress too much, and I've ridden once with them and the only problem I saw was the decrease in traction (CG displaced)

Re: Is my suspension too high?

Yeah, I'd leave them stock unless theres an extremely compelling reason for larger ones. You dont look heavy enough to need them.

At some point, I recommend the Malossi variator if you can get one...I had, at various times, the stock one, a shaved stock one, and a Multivar, and the Multivar ROCKS.

I'll be kitting/race cranking mine this weekend, Ill let you know how it goes (though I dont expect to see the full potential til I get the 9.5:1 gearing), my bike is squeezing the upper limit on the 12:1s as it is.

Re: Is my suspension too high?

I will look into getting a new variator, and I am a bit annoyed right now because I think my exhaust port is cracked and I don't have time to go check right now haha!

I was wondering if you guys think I need a rear fender, or just form an aluminum under-plate type of thing going all the way from the end of the cowling to where the smaller supports are welded to the frame. I don't think that whatever will be flying off the tire will go further down than that!

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