k-zoo itinerary addendum

for reasons out of our control we will not be able to go to Punk's this weekend. we have an alternative scheduled. if you plan on comming into town saturday and meeting us we will be at the K&K Arcade 22711 M 40, Gobles, MI 49055, US from 3 to 8pm. if you have any problems give a call.

616 617 8982


Re: k-zoo itinerary addendum

So whats going on today...? i just drove 4 hours from cleveland and i planned on going out to breakfast and now i'm wondering if you guys are gonna be there? so is it K&K Arcade now for the "afternoon hang out"????

Re: k-zoo itinerary addendum

yep. breakfast as usual. there is an itinerary and an addendum sheet. give a call to get them.

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