Moderator Breaks Olive Branch

I offered peace /

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 12:57 PM, Robert Mosurinjohn <> wrote: (to Harold the moderator)

"I'm mad again and almost posted that email to you on the forum. But I don't want to stir up shit like the others do .. so if you can cool their jets and get a realistic attitude towards me you and me can be pals.


To which your moderator replied:

Re: By the way ..&#8207;

From: Harold Smith IV (

Sent: May 23, 2008 4:55:43 PM

To: Robert Mosurinjohn (


So, moped fans who are trying to see value in this forum, if you start getting called nasty names after you post your legitimate opinions .. you'll know where the crap is coming from. As for me .. I might be back using any old email address choose .. but I hope I can stay away .. because your moderator chooses hatred and dictatorship over freedom.

I hope I'm done with this.

Re: Moderator Breaks Olive Branch

your definition of an olive branch is skewed. you order the moderator to quell/control the opinions/reactions of MA and you can be friends? sounds like an ultimatum.

the moderator responded succinctly.

harold was brought in as a moderator by the MA founders for the general forum to deal with posts that were out of line. harold does this with a light touch, freely allowing almost all threads to be posted. when harold wishes to tweak a response, he apologizes, backtracks and fixes it. harold does this voluntarily, and most of us are loth to use up his precious time.

that you see hatred and dictatorship in simple "no", is more a reflection on you.

that you "don&#8217;t want to stir up shit like the others do" but continue to start posts such as these, is contradictory.

at your age, one would expect more wisdom when dealing with a younger, more impulsive crowd. we've all been criticized here. everything in print here can be debated. most of us walk away and let it go at the end of the day

members, both gently and bluntly, have expressed their objections to your comments. that you feel you are a victim, and mount attacks, that you are surrounded by enemies, is your individual interpretation, and an unneccesarry one.

it isn't expected that you will change who you are, unless you want to.

if you wish to stay, you have been told what would be acceptable actions (talk mopeds, debate topics, dont make personal attacks, post an opinion once, post fewer threads)

i enjoyed your travels. you have moped experience to share. whether you stay or go is your choice.


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