Puchs vibrate much?

Holy crap. Either someone played a nasty trick on me and ripped the plate off, or the vibrations of my super powered E50 tore it to pieces. What do you guys thing?


Re: Puchs vibrate much?

a license plate?

they fall off alot and you probably didnt tighten the screws fully or locktite them, after awhile of minor vibrations screws loosen

Re: Puchs vibrate much?

But you can see part of the plate still stuck under the right screw. it's blue, see it? Did the plate snap? I am pissed, because now I have to mess around with the PD and the DMV to get a replacement.

Re: Puchs vibrate much?

Midlife Crisis Alan /

I've had a plate rip to shreds in three places as well. Getting something like this:

where the plate is fully framed helps, otherwise they get all rattly.

Re: Puchs vibrate much?

Cleats Onionpockets /

I've had two do that, doesn't matter how tight they are mounted. The wind shakes them back and forth till the metal gives out.

Re: Puchs vibrate much?

Rubber mount the sucker.

Re: Puchs vibrate much?

thats why i like the michigan moped stickers. you dont have to worry about this.

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