Real Neat - Motorized Bike

For those of you who collect , modify, weld , machine and build weird stuff just for the pure enjoyment and fun of it ,rather than the bragging rights. Check this out. Forget those ebay bike kits and Whizzers (unless it's a real one of course with the leather drive belt)

Real Neat - Motorized Bike

Wow, that's Nifty! Peachy Keen! An all around hum dinger!


i mean. Badass dude. That shit's the shit.

Re: Real Neat - Motorized Bike

fish_SHARK /


Re: Real Neat - Motorized Bike

Yep , kinda neat . Kinda wished the guy had matching wheels , balloon type instead of the thin jobbie in the front . Also looks like that front fender contacts the frame .

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