Lockdown for Jerry

It had to come to Lockdown Jerry .. you just can't go around attacking people while flashing the Peace sign. We'll be watching your behaviour for a while and if you exhibit rationality we'll return your freedoms. If your jacket gets too tight ring the little bell with your nose.

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I apologize, Jerry, I guess I'm still in a bad mood from yesterday's attacks. Peace.

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-Unholysmokers - Chad Ferguson /

Man, you need to knock this shit off. Seriously. Stop acting like a fucking 12 year old.

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Quit doing this to yourself. You'll do a lot better here if you allow people to get to know you better before you start arguing or even joking around with people. This is a much more organic community than your typical message board. Take it easy at first. Spend a month just reading and learn the personalities of the regular contributers. Then spend some time only responding to threads with short posts and try not to step on toes. Once people get to know you and like wise you'll know who you can poke fun at, Who you can debate with and what things are worth debating (oil injection is not one of them). The biggest thing you need to do is quit using different author names all the time, it makes it extremely difficult to get a feel for who you are and moreover nearly impossible to build a reputation upon which you can stand in debating things such as oil injection.

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2001 targa owner /

You're right Fergy .. 12 year olds fight back and defend themselves when attacked for no reason. Go ahead Oh Vicious Ones .. I'm through .. beat on me till I die.

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Just a student /

You're right Wiff .. as a 60 year old I know nothing about communicating, and was simply deluded about the fact that I entered this forum with important knowledge to share .. my three years and 10,000 miles and rebuilding my engine and finding the secret tube in the exhaust and all the information that bikers on the road shared with me mean nothing .. nothing .. nothing except when I share it I get attacked by those who want to disable their injection systems because they're part of a culture of disingagement. And when I get personally attacked I should just you beat me to death .. well .. you're right .. I'm through .. go ahead .. kick the guy in the head all you want. Maybe you'll learn how evil your tyranical, dictatorial, 'I'm more important than you are' thought processes are when you've killed the guy.

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You just said yesterday that you hadnt opened your crankcase, ergo you have not rebuilt your engine. You clearly don't even know what you're talking about.

Three years is nothing. Most people have been at it longer than that. Your trip was epic, and you shared it to death. You have not rebuilt an engine, but even if you had, most everyone in here does that routinely. It would hardly set you apart.

You get a lot of good information from the bikers on the road? They tell you to hold the bike by the handlebars and lean into turns and stuff like that? Yeah?

And finally, I find the "culture of disingagement (sic)" idea amusing. Yeah guys, we like to drive mopeds, and we like to customize them like the Mods from 60's Britain. We customize ours by....removing the oil injection.


Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

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"You clearly don’t even know what you’re talking about."

Pretty inflamatory statement, don't you think, James, and exactly what started this whole thing. I simply didn't have to the necessary tool, and the process became unnecessary.

"Three years is nothing. Most people have been at it longer than that. Your trip was epic, and you shared it to death.

Another infamatory statement from someone who obviously likes to accuse people of evil for doing good things. Jeaslousy? Probably.

"You get a lot of good information from the bikers on the road? They tell you to hold the bike by the handlebars and lean into turns and stuff like that? Yeah?"

One of the things they told me about was baby powder, and that was an improvement from Windex and soapy water which most of the injector disconnect culture used, so I was branded a heretic for that too. Tough. You don't want to add to your knowledge, don't.

"Yeah guys, we like to drive mopeds, and we like to customize them like the Mods from 60’s Britain. We customize ours by….removing the oil injection."

Exactly! Now, most of the posters who attacked me have agreed that I have a right to express my opinion, I hope you can agree with them. If you and I can get that far, we can be agreeable to each other .. if not .. you'll always be kicking against thin air.

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Anti-troll /

You just described yourself to a 'T' Dopple. I've been tryig to let this drop, but your kind keeps on swinging. You want to fight? Stick your head up my ass and fight for air.

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sigh... Communication does not work as well as one might like in print. I am positive you understand this. Age is a relative thing in this case, your age is not your physical age as much as it is relative to how long you've participated in discussions. You have valuable experience but realize that it is narrow in scope, also appeal to authority does not work in a virtual environment such as this. All arguments must be an appeal to ethos or pathos. Authority must be established through reputation, I personally believe that you would be a valuable asset to this community, but you need to understand that we weren't along with you on this ride, we don't know you personally, we have no proof your 60 years old. These things loose relevance here, what counts is your presence with the group and how you represent yourself. I have not attacked you personally and have only tried to give you advice as I've seen many people head down this road, you can not fight a community you're trying to join.

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That troll thing made me laugh. I'm sorry for posting in this thread, but seriously...

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"those who want to disable their injection systems because they

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i think you are an interesting person with information to share

but remember where you are, moped army, mostly populated by younger males: enthusiastic, impulsive, reactive, and humorous.

others of us, learn to let it go, and try to keep conversations in a postive mode.

therefore, communication needs to be handled with a bit more patience, understanding and forgiveness.

disagreement is inevitable here. being disagreeable is not. most of us agree to disagree once ones point is made.

this has happened before on the forum. if you want to see this historically, do a search on Nate.

Nate was considered a true troll in his time. he currently has been behaving himself and has been let back in the community.

your frustration with your interaction here, though, reminds me of fufu. read his threads in a search, if you will. fufu was an older gentleman who failed to understand the impact of his statements and was both unneccesarily defensive and offensive, and refused to learn the difference. although harmless, he was disruptive in conversation. he eventually removed himself from MA.

you are not a troll.

you have moped experience to share.

please continue to share it and ignore the rest.

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Go sit under the liftlocks and watch how they come down.

no, this is a lockdown

targaped. you have completely gone over the edge. you have totally destroyed any "cool points" you earned by taking a long moped trip.

no one cares. this is not a drama messageboard. this is a moped messageboard. if you dont like how things work here you are more than welcome to get the fuck out.

i started off giving you the benefit of the doubt. i hoped you would eventually pick up on the dynamic here. nope.

i am going to say this once. STOP POSTING ALL THIS SHIT. if you have a problem with someone take it to emails. other wise, read the board and stfu.

if you continue down this road all of your posts will started getting deleted, and eventually you will be banned from the site. there are 20,000 of us and only one of you dude. you dont get special treatment. in fact you are expected to be more mature than the rest of us do to your age. you aren't gonna get any more warnings.

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