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i'm looking to buy a moped or old scooter to go to work, i'm new to the moped world. my last moped was an honda pc50 that i had back in 1984...i did not have any other one after that.

in my area there are a few models available

honda nc50

honda PA50

92 suzuki scooter (not sure of the model yet)

suzuki FA50

Yamaha QT50

anyway, I notice that PA 50 are usually at higher price than the smaller express nc50 is there a huge difference in performance between the 2 of them? do you guy's have any recommendation on what models would be better than others and why?

what is there to look when i buy a used moped?

Re: wich moped. newbee

i only have experience with the fa 50 and u can't kill it if u put oil nd gas in it

Re: wich moped. newbee

-Unholysmokers - Chad Ferguson /

The FA50 and QT50 are my favorite nopeds. They will serve you well.

Re: wich moped. newbee

Buy something you can buy parts locally for. Personally, I'd buy new, a Tomos Targa LX. Pedals are comfortable for long distance riding as you can change your foot and leg position, and you can really load the bike down. And don't think you have to disconect oil injectors before reading all the facts. I think they're fine. Look at the injector threads for info and laughs.

Re: wich moped. newbee

tomos targa are cool but almost non existant in here/ or overpriced...i'm looking into older 80's moped models.

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