VB_Pat/Beast of Burden?? Host Rides??

I am sorry to everyone I have been neglecting this forum for a long while. I started noodling around on here a while ago, and saw the post about the Unoffical Moped Gangs. VB_Pat said something about he has two guys calling themselves Beast of Burden and were looking for more people to ride with. I was just trying to contact you guys to see if you host rides. I had to send my mopeds back for the winter/not having enough time to ride them back to Ohio, but I am located in Norfolk for a while.

I was moped sick and was thinking about getting a cheaper beater if I could find a group of people to ride with. I would try richmond again but my vans transmition blew and now dont have a way of getting my ped there and getting back to work on time for rides.

So to make a long story short!! VB_Pat do you host rides so I can look into getting anouther ped and ride with people.(plus after only having a car I noticed that the gas price climb is totally LAME)

-Mary McCrabs

Re: VB_Pat/Beast of Burden?? Host Rides??


Email sent.

Anyone else down for a ride in the Hampton Roads area?

Looking to have a get together at the Oceanfront.

Re: VB_Pat/Beast of Burden?? Host Rides??

hey guys,

that's rad that something's starting up in vb. i lived there for 15 years prior to moving to seattle 4 years ago.

what's your experience been with riding there with so many streets at 45+ mph and overly aggressive drivers? i'd also think the police would be a big issue to as vb cops seem to hate anything out of the norm. i know critical mass bicycle rides have been shut down several times.

do you guys ever ride out to norfolk or chesapeake?

anyway next time i get back home (which is becoming less and lass frequent) i'll look you guys up.

Re: VB_Pat/Beast of Burden?? Host Rides??

i actually didnt have time to check the site yesterday and have to work all day today where i can't access my email, but hey, ill respond to it as soon as i can thanks alot man...


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